Echoes: Boko H and the LRA, Ray Davis & others anon

[ by Charles Cameron -- following up on Boko Haram "makes Kony look like child's play" while continuing my explorations in stereocognition, along with two dazzling quotes about music ] . It happened to be the tweet from Elizabeth Pearson in the upper panel above that alerted me to the LRA’s 1996 abduction of schoolgirls [...] Read more »

Today’s DoubleQuotes 1: in the wild

[ by Charles Cameron -- fascinated to see the uses others make of the juxtapositions I call "DoubleQuotes" ] . This first one was suggested to me by Scott Shipman as a “match” for my DQ about Von Karman’s mathematics of flow in liquids and Van Gogh’s night sky — and indeed, the two of [...] Read more »

Of literal and metaphorical readings

[ by Charles Cameron -- from "whistleblowers" via the interpretation of hadith to Aztec sacrifice and Christian Eucharist ] . Whistleblowing in Thailand (upper panel, above), which I wrote about in my previous post, is a literal matter, and whistles have seen a huge surge in sales since the “whistleblower” campaign began. In the US [...] Read more »

Gladwell on Waco and worldviews

[ by Charles Cameron -- in hope that improved mutual understanding across a range of conflict situations will provide some viable alternatives to needlessly violent solutions ] . ** Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article published in the New Yorker at the end of last month titled How not to negotiate with believers. It’s on a [...] Read more »

Leap Worlds: my 3QD attempt

[ by Charles Cameron -- another runup to the glass bead game ] . Below you can read my submission to the wonderful 3 Quarks Daily “web aggregator” site as a candidate to join their regular Monday blogging team — it didn’t even make their “close but no cigar” list, but I wrote it and [...] Read more »

Serpent logics: a ramble

[ by Charles Cameron -- continuing my exploration of a pattern language of thoughts, both verbal and imagistic ] . This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships. via @usmanm — Nat. Maritime Museum (@NMMGreenwich) October 15, 2013 One of my favorite patterns derives from the nesting of Russian dolls inside Russian dolls, so [...] Read more »

Serpent logics: the marathon

[ by Charles Cameron -- oh, the sheer delightful drudgery of finding patterns everywhere ] . I’ll start this post, as I did the previous one to which this is a sort of appendix, with a (deeply strange, tell me about it) example of the… Matrioshka pattern: Truly weird Matrioshka Barbie image — hipbonegamer [...] Read more »

Familiar logo, familiar shape

[ by Charles Cameron -- at the intersection of drones and IRGC graphics ] . Just a quick note that as of late September 2013, Iran has begun mass-production of the Shahed-129 drone, having first announced it in September of 2012. Iran claims the Shahed-129 can fly to the “heart of Israel“. For another post [...] Read more »

Of death and children, one way or the other

[ by Charles Cameron -- thoughts triggered by the Jeremy Scahill & Lawrence Wright documentaries ] . I don’t really enjoy writing this, because I’m loath to suggest that sixteen year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was in fact a combatant, though it seems to me that he might have been. I was viewing documentaries the other [...] Read more »

Pattern recognition: backlash

[ by Charles Cameron -- on human obstinacy, a change of heart, and what seems to me a major piece from Res Militaris ] . There’s a pattern of backlash that occurs when you present people with facts that don’t fit their preconceptions — they don’t switch, they double up. Here’s the opening of io9‘s [...] Read more »