Review: The Rule of the Clan

[by Mark Safranski / “zen“] Rule of the Clan by Mark Weiner I often review good books. Sometimes I review great ones. The Rule of the Clan: What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Reveals about the Future of Individual Freedom  by Mark S. Weiner gets the highest compliment of all: it is an academic book that […] Read more »

To Make and Keep Peace — New Book by Angelo M. Codevilla

[by J. Scott Shipman] To Make and Keep Peace, Among Ourselves and with All Nations, by Angelo M. Codevilla Recently I had opportunity to read the latest issue of the Claremont Review of Books, and in the issue was a lengthy review of Angelo Codevilla’s latest book, To Make and Keep Peace. Codevilla is no […] Read more »

Pavers of Roads with Good Intentions: R2P Debate Rising Part II.

As I mentioned previously, I needed to make a more substantive reply to Victor Allen’s claims for R2P.  I am very tardy in doing so, for which I apologize to Mr. Allen but better late than not at all. While addressing some of Victor’s specific points, I want to be very clear that in my [...] Read more »

R2P Debate Rising ( Part I.)

I thought I would call the attention of the readership to a debate that has been ricocheting around different social media platforms on R2P ( “Responsibility to Protect“). I have dealt with the topic several times in the past, related to the ideas of Anne-Marie Slaughter, but not much recently until Victor Allen, over at [...] Read more »

Arresting Citizens, part I: the Law

[ by Charles Cameron -- on various instances of citizens "taking the law into their own hands" in attempts to arrest the Queen, two Popes, Harper of Canada and Tony Blair ] . I am not really up on the sovereign citizen movement here in the US, perhaps because it is not overly religious — [...] Read more »

The White Paper and its Critics

Someone for reasons unknown last week leaked the classified Department of Justice “White Paper” on targeting with drone attacks the numerically tiny number of US citizens overseas who have joined al Qaida or affiliated groups. The leak set off an outburst of public debate, much of it ill-informed by people who did not bother to [...] Read more »

Obama’s Foreign Policy Gamble on the Moderate Islamists

As you probably already know, the US Embassy in Cairo Egypt was stormed today by Islamists supposedly angry about a video on Youtube supposedly made or endorsed by anti-Muslim Quran-burner and bigot Rev. Terry Jones. The embassy, deliberately left without sufficient protection by the Egyptian government of Islamist President  Mohamed Morsi, was overrun, Islamists tore down the [...] Read more »

The Twilight War—a review

[by J. Scott Shipman] The Twilight War, The Secret History of America’s Thirty-year Conflict with Iran, by David Crist When President Obama made a heartfelt opening, a smug Iranian leadership viewed it as a ruse or the gesture of a weak leader. Iran spurned him. Obama fell back on sanctions and CENTCOM; Iran fell back [...] Read more »

Putin and Syria: Siloviki Realism in Geopolitical Strategy

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a foreign policy speech to Russia’s ambassadors and Foreign Ministry officials that is very much worth reading in context of his dispatch to Syria of a fleet of warships, including a battleship, to the modest Russian naval base in Tartus. Under Putin’s hand, Russian support for the bloody regime of Bashar Assad [...] Read more »