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[by J. Scott Shipman]

to make and keep peace

To Make and Keep Peace, Among Ourselves and with All Nations, by Angelo M. Codevilla

Recently I had opportunity to read the latest issue of the Claremont Review of Books, and in the issue was a lengthy review of Angelo Codevilla’s latest book, To Make and Keep Peace. Codevilla is no stranger to our readers (Lynn Rees here and here, Zen here and here), so I read the review and ordered the book.

Codevilla’s War: End and Means, co-authored with the late Paul Seabury, has been criticized for being dense and need of an editor. The Claremont reviewer offered that Codevilla was too brief in outlining his ideas of how to make and keep peace—so maybe, Codevilla’s “opus” (in the words of the reviewer) will be a more pleasurable read. After a quick review, the chapters appear to be short and to the point. Both former navy secretary, John Lehman and Fox News analyst/cantankerous-retired army lieutenant colonel/author Ralph Peters wrote good recommendations on the dust jacket.

This moves into my must read soon pile, and may be of interest.