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On the Prophet’s banner, and the Coming One

[ by Charles Cameron — from battle-flag to transcendent symbol ] . Father of the Imam Mahdi, postcard from Masshad, Iran, writer’s collection ** I have written so much on the topic of the black banners from Khorasan [eg], which in turn arguably derive from...

Paris, the Prophet and his veiled face

[ by Charles Cameron — the role of iconography vs idolatry within Islam and Christianity ] . Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace tweeted an image of Muhammad today: Images of the prophet Mohammed weren't always taboo. This 16th...

DoubleTweet: equal-opportunity spoils of war

[ by Charles Cameron — as their respective flags testify, both Sunni and Shia benefit from our involuntary largesse ] . We're selling 175 new Abrams tanks to Iraq to replenish for their losses to daesh.