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Refugees stuck in no man’s land between Croatia and Serbia

Patrick Kingsley / The Guardian

Refugees hoping to reach the safety of the EU faced a fresh obstacle on Tuesday morning after Croatian police blocked off part of the country’s border with Serbia, which had in recent days become the main entry point to the EU for thousands of people walking north from Greece.

EU backs refugee-sharing plan in teeth of eastern opposition

Francesco Guarascio and Alastair MacDonald / Reuters

A plan to share out refugees across the European Union was rejected outright by the Czech Republic on Tuesday and criticized by a United Nations agency for not going far enough.

China’s president to meet tech titans, visit Boeing in start to U.S visit

Alwyn Scott / Reuters

Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet U.S. tech titans and tour Boeing Co’s (BA.N) biggest factory and Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT.O) sprawling campus near Seattle this week as he kicks off a U.S. visit that also includes a black-tie state dinner at the White House hosted by President Barack Obama.

Devoted to Simplicity, Pope Francis Created Knotty Logistics with Visit

Andy Newan and Vivian Yee / New York Times

In New York, Roman Catholic official have walked Pop Francis’s expected path through the National September 11 Memorial and timed it at five to seven minutes.


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Pope’s visit brings hope for Dems, trepidation for GOP

Racheal Bade and Lauren French / Politico

Roman Catholic lawmakers from both parties say they’re ecstatic about Pope Francis’ historic address to Congress on Thursday. But beneath the surface, their feelings about the first-ever papal appearance on Capitol Hill couldn’t be more different: Democrats are quietly gloating, Republicans are plainly nervous.

Oil falls 2 percent as concern over demand bites

Amanda Cooper / Reuters

Crude oil prices fell as much as 2 percent on Tuesday on uncertainty over whether global demand will be enough to erode a sky-high surplus, ahead of a weekly survey of U.S. inventory levels.

Stock slide on commodities’ tumble, dollar up

Michael Connor / Reuters

Falling commodities prices and worries about China’s economy pulled stocks sharply lower on Tuesday, while bond yields declined and the dollar rose to a near two-week high on bets U.S. officials will soon hike interest rates.

Wall Street slumps amid fall in commodity prices

Tanya Agrawal / Reuters

Wall Street fell more than 1.5 percent on Tuesday morning amid a decline in commodity prices and continuing uncertainty about when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.


National Security & Strategy


With fight against the Islamic State in Iraq stalled, U.S. looks to Syria for gains

Missy Ryan and Greg Jaffe / Washington Post

With the offensive to reclaim territory from the Islamic State largely stalled in Iraq, the Obama administration is laying plans for a more aggressive military campaign in Syria, where U.S.-backed Kurdish forces have made surprising gains in recent months.



Asymmetric Operations


Russian Expands Fleet in Syria with Jets that can Attack targets on ground

Eric Schmitt and Neil MacFarquhar / New York Times

Russia has sharply increased the number of combat aircraft at an air base near Latakia, Syria, giving its forces a new ability to strike targets on the ground in the war-stricken country.

The Battle for Sanaa Looms

Bruce Riedel / U.S. news

Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners are preparing for a major offensive to take Yemen’s capital from the Zaydi Houthi rebels this fall. If the battle becomes a house-to-house urban clash, it will have disastrous humanitarian consequences.



Climate Security


Senate Democrats to unveil Climate change Bill

Coral Davenport / New York Times

Senate Democratic leaders on Tuesday plan to unveil a measure intended to signal their support of President Obama’s aggressive climate change agenda to 2016 voters and to the rest of the world.

 Scientists Calculate Staggering Economic Impact of a Warming, Melting Arctic

Jim Algar / Tech Times

Greenhouse gases released as global warming thaws permafrost in Arctic regions could increase the economic toll of climate change by trillions of dollars, scientists say.



Energy Security


Exclusive: In clash with pope’s climate call, U.S. Church leases drilling rights

Richard Valdmanis / Reuters         

Casting the fight against climate change as an urgent moral duty, Pope Francis in June urged the world to phase out highly-polluting fossil fuels.



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Admiral Fallon Testifies Before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Sam Hickey

On September 09, ASP Board Member Admiral William Fallon testified on the Implications of a Nuclear Agreement with Iran before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He was joined in testifying before members of Congress by General Charles Wald, Vice Admiral John Bird, and Leon Wieseltier who is the Isaiah Berlin Senior Fellow in Culture and Policy at the Brookings Institute.
Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney Interviewed on Climate Change

Ngoc H. Le

Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, USMC (Ret.) CEO of the American Security Project talked about climate change in an exclusive Climate TV interview for The Climate Group.

Understanding the Importance of Iraqi Unity

Asha Castleberry

My return home from the Middle East confronted me with a major U.S. foreign policy debate: how to counter the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL), also known as “Daesh.” In DC, policy critics are overwhelmingly fixated on the Obama Administration’s alleged lack of strategy, but actions in Iraq by Iraqis will be the deciding factor in this fight.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Threatens the Security and Stability of the Middle East

Anil Powers

The civil war in Syria is in its fourth year with no clear end in sight.  While battles rage on between the forces of the Assad regime and rebel groups, civilians leave their homes and flee the country.  With millions having already fled Syria and still more to follow, a major refugee crisis exists that threatens the security and stability of the entire Middle East.

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