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Fighting in eastern Libya sets oil tanker on fire
Associated Press
Libya’s army spokesman says an oil tanker caught fire amid fierce fighting between pro-government forces and Islamist militias in the central district of the eastern city of Benghazi, sending heavy black smoke into the sky.

Iraqi Kurds join fight against Islamic State in Kobani
Mariam Karouny and Omer Berberoglu | Reuters
Iraqi Kurdish fighters have joined the fight against Islamic State militants in Kobani, hoping their support for fellow Kurds backed by U.S.-led air strikes will keep the ultra-hardline group from seizing the Syrian border town.

Syrian al-Qaida forces mass near Turkey crossing
Diaa Hadid | Associated Press
Al-Qaida militants massed Monday near a Syrian border town in what appeared to be an attempt to seize a vital crossing from Western-backed rebels, activists said, underscoring the weakness of the fighters America hopes could be a moderate force in the chaotic civil war.

Syrian rebels armed and trained by US surrender to al-Qaeda
Ruth Sherlock | The Telegraph
Two of the main rebel groups receiving weapons from the United States to fight both the regime and jihadist groups in Syria have surrendered to al-Qaeda.


New York doctor recovers from Ebola
The Telegraph
A New York doctor with Ebola, whose case triggered a national debate over mandatory quarantines for health workers returning from West Africa, was upgraded to stable condition on Saturday after nine days of treatment.

U.N. Employee Under Treatment for Ebola in France
Maia de la Baume | The New York Times
France was treating a United Nations employee who contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, the health ministry said in a statement posted Sunday on its website.

Asia, Europe, Latin America

Pakistan border bombing death toll rises to 60
KM Chaudary | Associated Press
Pakistanis mourned on Monday for the victims of a massive suicide bombing near the border with India as the death toll from the explosion the previous day rose to 60, police said.

Hong Kong Students Plan Beijing Protest
Mia Lamar | The Wall Street Journal
Student leaders in Hong Kong have decided to take their pro-democracy protest to the streets of Beijing next week during a major international summit.

Climate Change, Science and Technology, Energy Security

After 5 reports: Future of UN climate body debated
Karl Ritter | Associated Press
After a six-year scientific marathon that involved about 4,000 authors, contributors and reviewers and 30,000 climate studies, the U.N.’s expert panel on climate change has published its latest assessment on global warming. Now many wonder what’s next.

Germany’s Turn Against Coal Risks More Reliance on Russia
Stefan Nicola, Tino Andresen and Brian Parkin | Bloomberg
Germany is turning against coal as a fuel for generating electricity, a move that will boost the nation’s reliance on natural gas from Russia.

The Biggest Ship in the World (Though It Isn’t Exactly a Ship)
Robert Sullivan | New York Times
It’s called Prelude, and it’s bigger than big. More than 530 yards long and 80 yards wide, it was constructed with 260,000 metric tons of steel, more than was used in the entire original World Trade Center complex, and it’s expected to displace 600,000 metric tons of water, or as much as six aircraft carriers.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

Fusion is “the perfect way to make energy”
Caroline von Wurden
The BBC Radio 4 series “In Our Time” broadcasted a program on nuclear fusion.

Butler University Podcast – ASP in Indiana: Climate Change and Security in the Heartland
Porter Brockway
The podcast of ASP’s visit in Indiana.

Climate Change and Food insecurity Threatens Stability in Developing Countries
AJ Degarmo
Maplecroft released their seventh annual “Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas” (CCERA), and the initial findings are bleak for some developing nations.

ASP in Indiana: Climate Change and Security in the Heartland
Andrew Holland
ASP visited Indiana to discuss how the Midwest is threatened by climate change.

The US and EU Strategy to Defeat ISIL
Giancarlo Lima
Aside from military operations, US and EU leaders should pursue a comprehensive socioeconomic strategy to confront groups like ISIL.

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ASP Conference – The US – EU Strategic Partnership: Trade, Energy, and Security
November 12 @ 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Location: American Security Project, Suite 750W – 1100 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005
Numerous strategic challenges and opportunities face the United States and European Union in 2015. Join ASP on November 12, 2014 as our high-level panel discusses what options are ahead of the US and the EU.

Tampa Event – Climate Change: Risks for National Security
November 18 @ 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: University of Tampa, 401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606
Climate change is already a major concern for US military planners. Meanwhile, American politicians continue to ignore the issue of this growing threat. Join ASP at the University of Tampa on Tuesday, November 18th as we discuss this important issue.

Geography 2050: Mounting an Expedition to the Future
November 19
Location: Low Memorial Library, Columbia University, 2960 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10027
The one-day inaugural event, to be held at Columbia’s Low Library in Manhattan, offers an opportunity for thought leaders in industry, government, the social sector, and academe to come together to think about collectively exploring the future, and to examine how geography, geographic thinking, and geospatial data and technologies will enable this new age of exploration.

FSC Event – Climate Change: Risks for National Security
November 19 @ 10:30am – 12:00pm
Location: Florida Southern College, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr., Lakeland, FL 33801
Climate change is already a major concern for US military planners. Meanwhile, American politicians continue to ignore the issue of this growing threat. Join ASP at Florida Southern College on Wednesday, November 19th as we discuss this important issue.

ASP Conference – Electricity Supply: What it Means for Security, Development and Geopolitics
November 19 @ 12:00pm – 4:30pm
Location: American Security Project, Suite 750W – 1100 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005
The nexus of electricity, development, and security is significant, yet its nuances are too often overlooked. The half-day event will bring together development and energy experts, government officials, and policy makers to better establish the important linkages between power, security, and development, share successful implementation strategies and consider how these successes can be replicated in diverse contexts.

ASP Conference – Pakistan: Aid, Trade, and Security
December 9 @ 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: TBA
Join ASP and FTI Consulting as we host an event that will discuss current conditions of economic aid, trade and security in Pakistan, and will feature experts of military and development backgrounds.


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