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US: New government is ‘milestone’ for Iraq

The US has hailed the creation of a new government in Iraq as a major milestone and a crucial step towards defeating the militant group, Islamic State (IS).

Turkey Is Courted by U.S. to Help Fight ISIS
Helene Cooper / The New York Times

The Obama administration on Monday began the work of trying to determine exactly what roles the members of its fledgling coalition of countries to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will play, with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel huddled with the leaders of the one country the administration has called “absolutely indispensable” to the fight: Turkey.

Iraq’s Shi’ite militia, Kurds use U.S. air strikes to further own agendas
Isabel Coles / Reuters

A small group of people pick through putrefying human remains laid out on plastic sheets by the side of a road in northern Iraq, searching for any trace of missing friends and relatives.

Obama pushes $5 billion counterterrorism fund to fight ISIS
Justin Sink / The Hill

President Obama is pushing congressional leaders to authorize a $5 billion counterterrorism fund that could be used to support.

U.S. urges China to help with Islamic State in Iraq

William Wan / Washington Post

President Obama’s national security adviser urged China to help respond to the growing threat of the radical Islamic State in Iraq while meeting this week with top Chinese officials.


Russia, Ukraine, and NATO

Malaysia: Dutch report suggests MH-17 shot down from ground
Anthony Deutch and Gabriela Bacynska / Reuters

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 broke apart over Ukraine due to impact from a large number of fragments, the Dutch Safety Board said on Tuesday, in a report that Malaysia’s prime minister and several experts said suggested it was shot down from the ground.

Ukraine death toll edges up despite ceasefire, more POWs freed
Gareth Jones and Alexandar Vasovic / The Washington Post

Five Ukrainian servicemen have been killed in the past four days, the military said on Tuesday, underscoring the strains in a ceasefire between government forces and pro-Russian separatists that officials insist is still broadly holding.

US and Ukraine launch navy drills in the Black Sea
Stars and Stripes

The U.S. Navy began a three-day exercise in the Black Sea with Ukraine and several other militaries on Monday.

The U.S. Will Help Georgia Join NATO in Face of Putin’s ‘Dangerous Actions’
David Stout / TIME

The Kremlin’s incursions in Ukraine have brought the U.S. and Georgia “closer together,” says Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel


Climate Change

Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2013: UN weather agency

United Nations Radio

The greenhouse gases that cause global warming reached record levels in the atmosphere in 2013, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

More Than Half Of U.S. Bird Species Threatened By Climate Change

A seven-year study published Tuesday by the National Audubon Society warns that the migratory routes and habitats of more than half of the birds in North America are now or soon will be threatened by climate change.

By Air, Land and Sea, the Military is Going Green to Save Lives and Money

The Huffington Post

Moving to a low carbon economy is one of the greatest challenges — and opportunities — that our country faces today. The imperative nature of the issue is unfortunately not obvious to all, and overemphasis from some political factions on the challenges, instead of the opportunities, continues to impede progress.

Is Mongolia’s mining boom causing Ulan Bator to run out of water?

Gabriel Domínguez

Water is already scarce in Ulan Bator. But with the mining industry competing with energy facilities, agriculture and urban residents for water resources, the problem will intensify, as analyst Qingfeng Zhang tells DW.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

ASP’s Business Council for American Security member Dante Disparte Cited in africainvestor

Naman Jain

ASP’s Business Council for American Security (BCAS) member, Mr. Dante Disparte, was recently quoted in an article from the September – October 2014 edition of the africainvestor magazine. The article is written by Dr. Barbara Samuels and titled “Scoping out the Solutions.”

Confronting ISIL – What Next?
Fadi Elsalameen

During the NATO Summit in the United Kingdom last week, world leaders acknowledged the real and legitimate threat that ISIL (aka ISIS and IS) poses to the people of the Middle East and the whole world.

ASP’s Smith on CCTV America
Adin Dobkin

ASP’s Adjunct Senior Fellow, Douglas Smith, spoke regarding the Islamic State and it’s recent actions on CCTV America.

Project LIBERTY – Advanced Biofuels for National Security
Andrew Holland

Perhaps the most important part to note about Project LIBERTY is its transatlantic nature. As some have bemoaned the lack of strategic engagement between the United States and Europe over the last decade, businesses have bucked this trend through their continued to increase the direct investment across the Atlantic. This project is a partnership between the American firm POET, one of the world’s largest ethanol producers, and the Dutch firm Royal DSM, a biochemical and pharmaceutical company.

How the Export-Import Bank Can Advance the U.S. National Interest in Ukraine
Andrew Holland

This is a cross-post of an article originally published on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Blog. Written by the CEO of  Holtec International, an American company trying to do business in Ukraine, this article shows how the Export-Import Bank can help American business and America’s national interest. This story touches on so many key goals of American policy: stopping nuclear proliferation, ensuring energy security, and building American competitiveness. 


Upcoming Events

INVITE – Under Secretary Richard Stengel: American Public Diplomacy in 2014 and Beyond
September 16 @ 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

The United States faces many challenges abroad. In a time when the actions of foreign publics are changing political and security landscapes, the need for effective public diplomacy is becoming more urgent. Understanding this need, how should the U.S. best build relationships and influence with target audiences overseas? Join us to hear from Richard Stengel, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, as he discusses his plans for America’s public diplomacy.

INVITE – Industrial Competitiveness & Worker Leadership
September 17 @ 06:00 PM – 09:30 PM

In cooperation with the Harvard Business Club of Washington, DC, we are pleased to present a conversation with Fred Stahl on Worker Leadership.  Worker Leadership is a new and innovative production system that creates jobs loaded with responsibility and authority—which workers love because they can be more productive.  Managers are thrilled with the dramatic improvements in enterprise productivity, while shareholders love the higher profits. and unions are attracted to a new and vital role.

INVITE –Future of the Middle East and America’s Role
September 18 @ 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

The Middle East is currently brimming with violence – bringing into question the future of the region and the role of the United States. The panel of experts will discuss the possible outcomes of the present turbulence in the Middle East. They will also discuss what options the United States has, and if it should be engaged in the region in the first place.

What’s Next? Fostering the Next Generation of Energy Security Conference
September 30 @ 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

The next steps in building a cleaner, more resilient energy system and economy will not be easy. The American Security Project intends to build on its years of research into energy security and climate policy by initiating a study into the next generation of energy policy. Join ASP and our panelists as we discuss the next generation of energy technology and climate policy.


ASP Conference: Africa – Promoting Investment and Extending America’s Security
October 2 @ 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM

The half-day event will bring together expects from the public and private sector, as well as policy makers and members of the media to discuss the mutually beneficial impacts of US private investment on the African continent, opportunities for practical investment, and how to effectively manage the accompanying risk.

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