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[ by Charles Cameron — privacy, drones, & movies — with a tip of the hat to John Robb ]


Robb has words for us at his hideously-named post, Botageddon, on Global Guerrillas today:

The end game for botageddon is less than thirty years out. That’s the point when the number of bots on the planet outnumber us 1,000 to one (or more, much more).

The way things are going right now, this is a change that will happen so fast that nobody will be prepared for what may happen nor will they be able to stop it.

It’s a change that will force a complete rethink of our political and economic system (most likely for the worse).

  • They will take your jobs and do your work.
  • They will watch every move you make in public.
  • They will determine your economic fate by measuring and judging your every action.
  • They will find and arrest you if you break a regulation or law.
  • They will even hunt and kill you if you are on the wrong list (the US already has three drone kill lists run by different bureaucracies and there will be more).

    Worse, there’s not a place in the world you can hide from it.

    All of which dovetails nicely with one of my current projects, an editing job on a book on privacy. Myself, I’ll likely prefer Tremors to drones — we’ll see — but that’s a matter of taste.