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[ by Charles Cameron — this is far from the whole story, just a mild irony really, an echo, and IMO more descriptive of our common humanity than anytning else ]

Here’s another of those “compare and contrast” things I do. Tweet the first:


And tweet the second:


I take these two tweets, juxtaposed, as indicative of something in human nature.

I don’t much like it, that something – but I’ve never been put in a position where I regarded myself as invaded and occupied, nor one in which I was fighting people who use what I only call “humanitarian shields” such as schools and hospitals in which to hide themselves or their arms and munitions. I can’t say how I’d behave in either circumstance, and until I can, I’ll refrain from judgment and simply express my sorrow at the suffering shared by those on both sides in recent days — and tomorrow…

Your take may be very different, of course. I’ll hear yours if you’ll hear mine, okay?