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[ by Charles Cameron — Diane Sawyer shows us that human families on opposite sides of a conflict can look much the same at first glance ]

It appears that I see things differently.

As we all know by now, Diane Sawyer made an error recently, attributing scenes of Palestinian suffering in the current Gaza conflict to Israeli suffering under attack by Hamas:

As I by now, I would like to think, equally well known, Ms Sawyer has now apologized for the mistake — and while partisans have taken the error for propaganda and the apology as a slight correction which will go largely unheard by those who saw the original footage, I take it at face value:


My own take-away from this double occurrence is somewhat different from what I have found elsewhere.

The very fact that Palestinian suffering can be so easily mistaken for Israeli suffering from a news room a few thousand miles away suggests to me, more than anything else, that sufering looks like suffering, shock like shock, grief like grief.

What Ms Swayer shows us, from my POV, is the humanity we share in common.


To be followed by a second post in series, Israelitarian & Palestinitarian reasons for fury, human reasons for grief