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U.S. Sees Risk in Assisting a Compromised Iraqi Force
Eric Schmitt & Michael R. Gordon / The New York Times
A classified military assessment of Iraq’s security forces concludes that many units are so deeply infiltrated by either Sunni extremist informants or Shiite personnel backed by Iran that any Americans assigned to advise Baghdad’s forces could face risks to their safety, according to United States officials.

Farmers in Nevada Look With Longing at Water That Goes to Lawns, Not Crops
Steve Friess / Al-Jazeera
In some parts of the drought-ridden state, farmers are getting no water while sprinklers abound in Reno.

Ukraine: Military Plane Shot Down By Rocket
Peter Leonard / The Associated Press
A Ukrainian military transport plane was shot down Monday along the country’s eastern border with Russia, the defense minister said.

8 Charts That Show How Climate Change is Making the World More Dangerous
Suzanne Goldenberg / The Guardian 
Forget the future. The world already is nearly five times as dangerous and disaster prone as it was in the 1970s, because of the increasing risks brought by climate change, according to a new report from the World Meteorological Organisation.

U.S., Iran Say Disputes Remain in Nuclear Talks as Deadline Looms
John Irish & Lesley Wroughton / Reuters 

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday major differences persist between Iran and six world powers negotiating on Tehran’s nuclear program, with a week to go before a deadline for a deal.

Bashar al-Assad is West’s Ally Against ISIS Extremists, Says Syria
Ian Black / The Guardian 
Syria is determined to “eliminate” the Sunni extremist group Isis, according to a senior minister, who urged western countries to recognize “new realities” by joining the battle against terrorism and ending their support for rebels trying to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad.


ASP Recent Reports

Fusion White Paper 2014 – 10 Year Plan For American Energy Security 
ASP’s White Paper, “Fusion Power – A 10 Year Plan for American Energy Security” provides a detailed plan on how to accelerate the development of fusion power.


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Two Critical Issues Facing The U.S.-India Relationship in 2014
Naman Jain
Now that Mr. Modi is the Prime Minister of India, will there be greater focus by India on climate change and on trade ties with the U.S.? And is there a scope of advancements in Indo-U.S. relations by a focus on these issues?

Islamic State Hashtag Diplomacy
Thomas Campbell
In tandem with its acquisition of physical territory in the Middle East, the Islamic State terrorist organization has been choreographing a parallel insurgence on social media. As J.M. Berger wrote in The Atlantic, “The advance of an army used to be marked by war drums. Now it’s marked by volleys of tweets.”

Four Maps That Explain Islam in Asia
John Bugnacki 
Islam transcends the Middle-Eastern corridor with which most Westerners associate it, stretching from the western coast of Africa to the Pacific Ocean. It contains an incredible variety of different sects, beliefs, and traditions, most of which firmly reject the violent, intolerant, and jihadist tradition that groups like al Qaeda, al Shabaab, and ISIS represent.

Sustainable Disaster Relief 
Kendall Strong
When environmental and natural disasters strike, the first step is to save lives. Environmental concerns often arise long after the immediate chaos, often when unsustainable recovery practices have already been enacted. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) joined forces in 1993 to respond specifically to environmental disasters through the Environment Unit. The Environment Unit works to prevent duplicate responses and optimize their efficiency.


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INVITE – Iraq in Crisis: Recent Developments and Risk Management Strategy
July 16 @ 12:00PM – 1:30PM 
Join the American Security Project and Clements Worldwide on July 16th, as an expert panel will discuss the latest situation in Iraq, assess potential outcomes, and determine how individuals and businesses can effectively manage risk in the region moving forward.

What’s Next? Fostering the Next Generation of Energy Security Conference
September 30 @ 9:00AM – 4:30PM
The next steps in building a cleaner, more resilient energy system and economy will not be easy. The American Security Project intends to build on its years of research into energy security and climate policy by initiating a study into the next generation of energy policy. Join ASP and our panelists as we discuss the next generation of energy technology and climate policy.

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