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ASP Fellow Matthew Wallin and Adjunct Fellow Jed Willard recently penned an op-ed for The Diplomat on the pending legislation regarding America’s international broadcasting. In Asking the Right Questions About U.S. International Broadcasting, Wallin and Willard pose the question:

Can Voice of America be assigned, for instance, to produce – as worded in the pending legislation – “accurate, objective, and comprehensive news and related programming that is consistent with and promotes the broad foreign policies of the United States?” Or is that asking the impossible – assigning an entity to perform two potentially opposing tasks?

In analyzing the purpose of international broadcasting and its relation to public diplomacy, they contend:

International broadcasting may be a tool intended to serve the foreign policy goals of the United States, but it must also serve the needs of the foreign audience to be useful and effective.

To read the full op-ed, visit The Diplomat.

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