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ASP Highlighted Events

21st Century U.S.-Egypt Strategic Relations Conference

May 7 – 1:00-6:00 P.M.

Join us for in depth look into the current state of Egypt, the challenges the nation faces, and the future outlook for the government and people. Key Note Speaker – H.E. Amr Moussa; followed by 3 expert panels – U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Relations – Moving Forward, Counter-Terrorism & Regional Security, and Investment Climate & Entrepreneurship.

Asymmetric Threats and Space: China, Russia, non-state actors, and the need for quick launch capabilities

May 8 – 12:30-1:30 P.M.

Join ASP Adjunct Fellow, August Cole, along with President of NexGen Space and former NASA advisor, Charles Miller, and Peter Wegner, Director of Advanced Concepts at Space Dynamics Laboratory for a discussion regarding the threats we currently face in space.

World News of Interest

John Kerry Warns of South Sudan Genocide

BBC News

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned of a possible genocide in South Sudan if more peacekeepers are not rapidly deployed to end the conflict.

Moscow May Day Parade Lauds Putin as more Ukraine Buildings Seized

Nigel Stephenson and Thomas Grove/Reuters

Russia staged a huge May Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square for the first time since the Soviet era on Thursday, with workers holding banners proclaiming support for President Vladimir Putin after the seizure of territory from neighboring Ukraine.

Children’s Art at Syria School, and Then a Bomb

Annie Barnard and Hwaida Saad/New York Times

Hours before the exhibit was to open on Wednesday, creating a rare space for children’s creativity in a ravaged district of the northern city of Aleppo, Syrian government aircraft bombarded the school.

Forging a Global Network of Navies

Admiral Jonathan Greenert and Rear Admiral James M. Foggo III/Proceedings Magazine

As the world becomes more complex and the oceans less secure, we are compelled to strengthen the bonds of international maritime cooperation.

As the World Warms, Navy Strategists Plan for an Arctic Rush

Max Strasser/Newsweek

The U.S. Navy is scrambling to come up with new rules as exploration and exploitation of the Arctic booms

Playing Politics with Military Readiness in a Dangerous World

Leon E. Panetta/The Wall Street Journal

The armed forces are less and less prepared to respond to the threats facing the U.S.

America’s Nuclear Arsenal Still Relies on Floppy Disks (and it’s intentional)

Konrad Krawczyk/Digital Trends

According to a 60 Minutes report, some U.S. troops in charge of safeguarding and operating parts of the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons employ floppy disks in order to do so.

ASP Recent Publications

Ten Key Facts – Climate Change
Andrew Holland & William Fassuliotis

In order to clearly show the basics that policymakers need to know, this paper lays out 10 essential facts about climate change.

FACT SHEET – Current Space Launch Vehicles Used by the United States
Nathan Daniels

This paper serves as a brief, but factual overview of active launch vehicles used by the United States, as well as a basis for progression within ASP’s national security and space initiative.

WHITE PAPER – National Security and Space – The Next Space Race: Competition
August Cole

This paper goes into detail on the next steps the United States should be considering to enhance our national security, secure our access to space, as well as to gain value for money from taxpayers.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

21st Century U.S.-Egypt Strategic Relations Conference

Nathan Daniels

We hope you will join us for this in depth look into the current state of Egypt, the challenges the nation faces, and the future outlook for its government and people.

The Negative Effects of the United States’ Reliance on Russia for Rocket Engines – Undermining Ukraine Sanctions

Nathan Daniels

According to Fox News’s James Rosen, a top Russian official is still benefiting from a DoD contract that supplies the U.S. Air Force with RD-180 engines for its EELV Space Launch Program, despite White House sanctions in regard to the Ukraine crisis.

Top Ten Reasons for ITER
Kathy Duong

As climate change becomes a serious national security threat, we must look to the future for a clean, safe and sustainable source of energy for our future.

US-Japan Trade Talks Come Up Empty
Brendan Connell

In Tokyo on Thursday, US and Japanese sides negotiated into the night with hopes of hammering out a preliminary trade agreement that could act as a major building block for the coveted Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But the efforts of USTR Michael Froman and Japanese Minister Akiri Amari stalled in the end.

Upcoming Events

Building a Better Corporate Tax Regime & Strengthening our Economic Security – A conversation with Robert Pozen

May 13 – 8:00 – 9:30 A.M.

Join ASP Tuesday, May 13th as we host Bob Pozen for an informative discussion about corporate tax reform, as well as the many fiscal and political obstacles facing it.

EU Election Results: Implications for the United States
May 28 – 8:30-9:30 A.M.

Join the American Security Project for a conversation about the affects these elections will have on the United States. We will be joined by Paul Adamson, Philippe Maze-Sencier, and Geoffrey Harris who will be contributing their years of experience to the discussion.

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