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U.N. Security Council to meet Thursday on North Korea missile launch

Louis Charbonneau /  Reuters

The U.N. Security Council will hold closed-door consultations on Thursday to discuss a possible condemnation of North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launches, U.N. diplomats said.


IMF Announces $18B bailout for Ukraine

Al-Jazeera America

The International Monetary Fund announced a bailout of up to $18 billion for cash-strapped Ukraine on Thursday, as part of a $27 billion agreement rushed through in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea to keep Kiev from sliding into economic collapse


Egypt’s Sisi to run for president, vows to tackle militancy

Tom Perry and Mahmoud Mourad / Reuters

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the general who ousted Egypt’s first freely elected leader, declared his candidacy on Wednesday for a presidential election he is expected to easily win.


Soviet Echoes in Call for Artists to Back Crimea Policy

Neil Macfarquhar / The New York Times

Russia’s Ministry of Culture recently called leading artists and intellectuals to suggest that they endorse a petition hailing President Vladimir V. Putin’s annexation of Crimea, sparking impassioned accusations from the literati that the Kremlin was resurrecting repugnant Soviet methods.


Obama Renewing U.S. Commitment to NATO

Michael D. Shear and Peter Baker / The New York Times

Often accused of neglecting Europe in his first five years in office, Mr. Obama is using his trip here to recommit to the NATO alliance, rally the Continent against Russian “brute force” and cast the showdown as a test of common values.


The Arab League: An unfraternal lot

The Economist

MOST families, especially extended ones, have disagreements, wayward members and estranged couples, so get-togethers are often awkward. That was certainly the case on March 25th and 26th when the 22 members of the Arab League, a generally ineffectual talking shop, met for its annual meeting, held this year in Kuwait. Despite broad smiles, rousing speeches and calls for brotherly unity, it was a struggle even to get everyone into the same room.


White House unveils plan to end NSA bulk collection of phone data

Roberta Rampton and Mark Hosenball / Reuters

The Obama administration on Thursday announced details of its plan to end the government’s vast bulk collection of data about phone calls made in the United States, including new procedures to get judicial approval before asking companies for such records.


Offshore Oil and Gas Governance in the Arctic: A Leadership Role for the U.S.

Charles K. Ebinger, John P. Banks and Alisa Schackmann / The Brookings Institution

The Arctic is changing and increasingly drawing the world’s interest, with the potential for vast reserves of offshore oil and gas constituting arguably the most attractive, yet challenging prospect in the region:


On Our Flashpoint Blog

The Centre for Economic Growth Launches in Abu Dhabi

Arran Cooper

The Centre for Economic Growth (CEG) has just launched in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and is the first of its kind in the region, providing a new platform for economic research and analysis.


RD-180 – The Jeopardized Russian Backbone of the US Space Program

Adin Dobkin

After Atlantis took its final trip in July of 2011, the US space program has largely depended upon the Atlas V rocket platform to push the boundaries of the final frontier.  The Atlas program now acts as the sole method of launching some of the US’s most important orbital crafts including GPS satellites, the Boeing X-37, and Curiosity, the Mars rover.


US Trade in One Map

Brendan Connell

Ever wonder what trade really looks like between the US and its top trading partners?  This easy-to-read map gives the basics: total bilateral trade by partner country, US exports, and US imports (all in billions of US dollars).



ASP Recent Publications
American Security Quarterly V3 Issue 1

American Security Project

We see it in the news nearly every day.  The world is rapidly shifting before our eyes as countries sprout up, struggle to gain a foothold in our international community, and sometimes fall just as quickly.  One equally important trend is the interrelationship between the United States and international players on this stage.  Never before have we seen the level of interdisciplinary security issues that we see today occurring in all corners of the globe.
National Security and Climate Change

Andrew Holland

The American Security Project, as a national security-focused think tank, believes that concern about climate change should be a non-partisan issue. While we know that the argument about solutions will be partisan, both sides should start with a common understanding that climate change poses real threats to national security.
The Ukraine Crisis and the Geopolitics of Energy

Andrew Holland

A briefing note on the Ukraine Crisis and the Geopolitics of Energy – click to find out the facts and way forward the United States could take.


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April 1, 12:30 – 1:30 P.M.

Join ASP as Lieutenant General Norman Seip, 12th Air Force Commander and Adjunct Fellow, August Cole discuss the relationship between these two important policy areas of the 21st century. 






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