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Crimea is bastion of resistance to Ukraine’s new rulers

Alessandra Prentice / Reuters

Waving the Russian flag and chanting “Russia! Russia!”, protesters in Crimea have become the last major bastion of resistance to Ukraine’s new rulers.


North Korea fires four short-range missiles

The Guardian

North Korea has test-fired four short-range missiles into the sea, Seoul’s defense ministry said, in an apparent show of force to coincide with the South’s joint military exercises with the US.


Suicide Car Bomb Kills Eight in Somali Capital

NY Times

An Islamist militant suicide bomber drove a car into a Mogadishu cafe frequented by members of the security forces on Thursday, killing at least 10 people and blowing the place to bits.


Kenya’s ICC cases debated in Washington

Kevin J. Kelley / Africa Review

Supporters and critics of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Kenya prosecutions traded jabs in a debate held Tuesday at a university in Washington.


Security Council approves sanctions against political obstructers in Yemen

Al Jazeera America

The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday authorized sanctions against anyone in Yemen who obstructs the country’s political transition or commits human rights violations, but stopped short of blacklisting any specific individuals.


Tension escalates as India moves to block US trade probes

Manoj Kumar / Business Day

India has decided to block investigations by the US into its trade policies and patent laws and to prepare for battle at the World Trade Organization, which could escalate already strained tension between the two countries.


Germany’s Angela Merkel urges ‘strong’ UK in EU

BBC News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she will work with Britain to reform Europe – saying she wants it to remain a “strong voice inside the EU”.


Recent Publications

Mapping the Conflict in Aleppo, Syria

David Kilcullen and Nathaniel Rosenblatt

Over the course of four months American Security Project supported Caerus Associates and First Mile Geo in what may be the highest fidelity, time series analysis of the ongoing human tragedy unfolding inside of Aleppo, Syria.


Fact Sheet — Executive Authority in US Trade Policy

Brendan Connell

There has been an increasing discussion regarding the possibility of Congress granting the US presidency “fast track” authority in free trade agreements. This report gives the facts.


America’s Energy Choices – 2014

American Security Project

Three years after ASP first released “America’s Energy Choices” in 2011, the U.S. remains stuck in a political stalemate over energy. Even so, the energy choices made years or even decades ago by politicians, businesses, and consumers have led to a revolution in how the U.S. produces energy. The reality of change in America’s energy system is far different from the stagnation of the political debate.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

The Forgotten Partners of US Trade

Brendan Connell

For trade geeks like me, twitter feeds are becoming ever more crowded with colorful rhetoric and heated conversations over possible transatlantic and transpacific trade agreements.  But smothered by the TTP/TTIP talks is a US trade program many probably don’t even know exists.

TTIP: A U.S. and European Perspective – Event Summary

Brendan Connell

Today, the American Security Project’s event, TTIP: A U.S. and European Perspective, brought together Peter Rashish, a Senior Advisor for Europe and Transatlantic Trade at the Transnational Strategy Group, and Paul Adamson, editor-in-chief of E!Sharp and Senior European Policy Advisor for Covington & Burling.

What is the Future of Nuclear in the US?

Andrew Holland

The U.S. is undergoing a decisive change in how we use and produce energy. A clean-energy revolution is seeing wind and solar power grow at unprecedented rates due to both government incentives and reductions in prices.

The Cost of Creativity

August Cole

Civil servants get by on proscribed grade-guided salaries that often mean commuting dozens of miles to work while those on Capitol Hill learn to walk with a practiced lean against the steady gale of dollars bending and twisting American politics.

Egypt: Politics and Rights

Paul Hamill

There is a new commercial making news in Egypt – in it, the former Grand Mufti of Egypt pleads for contributions to a common account to rehabilitate and preserve mosques and churches.

Cybersecurity: A Balanced Approach

Nathan Alvarado-Castle

Cybersecurity has become a growing field for industries and governments alike. But what exactly are we talking about when we speak of security in the cyber realm?

A Dispatch From Our Man in Kiev

American Security Project

A detailed view of the political changes that have happened in Ukraine this weekend, including analysis of Yanukovych, Tymoshenko, Turchynov, Putin and others.

ASP in Pittsburgh: Climate Change Threatens Security of US and Pennsylvania

Andrew Holland

On Monday and Tuesday February 10 and 11, representatives of the American Security Project visited Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania for a series of meetings, public events, and briefings on how climate change is affecting national security, and the security of people living in Pennsylvania.

California, Drought, and Climate Change

William Fassuliotis

California and much of the rest of the West Coast have been gripped by drought for the past two years. What role has climate change had to play and how will it impact the future?

Inside Aleppo: New Tools for Understanding the Syrian Conflict—Event Summary

Nathan Alvarado-Castle

The American Security Project hosted an event titled, “Inside Aleppo: New Tools for Understanding the Syrian Conflict“, with Dr. David Kilcullen and Mr. Nate Rosenblatt of Caerus Associates, as well as Matt McNabb, CEO of First Mile Geo.

Untangling Trade: How TPP Can Help American Businesses

Brendan Connell

As is the case among negotiating TPP members, the existence of overlapping FTAs can be vastly complex and confusing. So just how “tangled” is Pacific trade and why should this matter to American businesses?

ASP in the News

Hart and Augustine: Why 9/11 can happen again
Paul Hamill
In the LA Times this morning, ASP Board Members Sen. Gary Hart and Norman R. Augustine wrote an oped on the Congressional oversight over homeland security issues.

ASP’s Pittsburgh Event on
A recent article quoted American Security Project’s Brig. General Stephen Cheney, CEO, Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, and Rear Admiral Dr. David Titley.

ASP’s Andrew Holland on America’s Fusion Race in Defense One
American Security Project’s Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, was quoted in a recent article by Defense One’s Patrick Tucker.

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