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Today we are joined from Cairo by former Egyptian Senator and Civil Society leader Mona Makram Ebeid and from DC. just back from his fact-finding visit to Egypt, BGen Stephen A. Cheney USMC (Ret.).

“we are living in the most important days and weeks that will decide Egypt’s future.”

Senator Ebeid discussed the atmosphere in Egypt and the long lines of people waiting to vote. She noted there was “an amazing” turnout of women, who had not faired well under the previous constitution of 2012.

Mona said that it is clear that the new Constitution being voted on yesterday and today strips out the disputed Islamist language from the Muslim Brotherhood constitution, while underlining that Egypt was an Islamic state, protects all religious freedoms and protects the rights of moment and civil liberties.

Following the popular impeachment of Morsi, supported by the military, many Egyptians are now looking forward to political stability.

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Senator, Arab Republic of Egypt

drmonaMona Makram-Ebeid has established herself as a leader in the Egyptian political and intellectual community. She is a graduate of Harvard University (1982), The American University in Cairo and Cairo University She has been a vocal and dynamic Member of Parliament from 1990-1995 where she served on the committees on Foreign Affairs, Education and Budget. She was concurrently elected Regional President of Parliamentarians for Global Action, an NGO based in New York. From 1992-1995 she served as advisor to the World Bank (MENA region). She has recently been appointed to the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights. She became a Member of the Egyptian Senate in January 2013. As an active member of the civil society she founded and chaired the Association for the Advancement of Education, (1995) a Cairo based NGO which supervises 100 government primary schools.







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