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Expect Kerry, Congress to Clash Over Fragile Iran Nuclear Deal
Sara Sorcher and Stacy Kaper / National Journal

While the Obama administration has won a key victory in striking a nuclear accord with Iran, it faces a potentially bigger obstacle at home with Congress. Certain members of Congress want to nail down sanctions now – even if they are to begin after the six-month deal – to provide the U.S. with leverage.


Bangladesh halts execution of opposition leader
Associated Press


The execution of Abdul Quader Mollah, convicted of war crimes, had been scheduled to take place at one minute past midnight Tuesday. A senior judge on the Bangladesh Supreme Court halted the scheduled execution of an opposition leader until at least Wednesday as his attorneys sought a new review of the case.


Death toll over 500 in Central African Republic sectarian fighting, Red Cross says
Associated Press

Muslim rebels overthrew the president of this predominantly Christian country in March, though religious motives played little role at the time. Since then, the armed Muslim fighters have been accused of carrying out atrocities against civilians and resentment toward them has grown.


Uneasy China hopes for stability, friendly relations with North Korea after purge
Sutirtho Patranobis / Hindustan Times


Considered North Korea’s most important ally and  source of aid, China was probably taken by surprise when North Korea’s political bureau of the Central Committee of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party stripped Jang Song-thaek of all posts and expel him from the party. China said it hopes for friendly relations with and wants stability in the secretive regime of North Korea days after a powerful leader considered close to Beijing was purged from the party and government two days ago.


Brazilian Leader’s 1976 Death Found to Be A Military Murder
Bill Chappell / NPR


For years, a car accident has been blamed in the 1976 death of former Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek. But a new inquiry has found the politician was murdered by the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil for 21 years.


ASP in the News

National Journal- The Sneaky Solution to Washington’s Karzai Problem

ASP’s Paul Hamill is quoted in the National Journal on the security pact with Afghanistan.

Retired Military Consensus Members in Stars and Stripes: Give first-step Iran deal chance to bear fruit

ASP Consensus members Lt. Gen. Norman Seip (USAF), Ret.; Lt. Gen. Robert Gard, Jr. (USA), Ret.; and BGen. Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret). published an op-ed today encouraging Congress to support the first step P5+1 agreement with Iran.

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Measuring the Effect of Public Diplomacy
Matthew Wallin


This week, the Strategic Studies Institute of the Army War College released a report by Dr. Steve Tatham on Information Operations and Strategic Communications as practiced by the U.S. Government. The paper tackles a variety of issues within the communications sphere, and includes case studies, but offers its best analysis on the hard question of metrics.




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