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7 November 2013


Iranian leaders sign on to social media, call for end to Twitter ban

Michael Pizzi / Aljazeera


Iran’s Culture Minister Ali Jannati joined a growing number of high-profile government figures on Tuesday, calling for Iran to lift its ban on Facebook and Twitter — imposed after the so-called Twitter revolution of 2009, in which social media were widely used to foment anti-government unrest.


Pakistan Taliban name Mullah Fazlullah new leader


Pakistan’s Taliban have named Mullah Fazlullah as their new leader, after the death of Hakimullah Mehsud in a drone attack. Mullah Fazlullah is a particularly hardline commander whose men shot the schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai.


Clear-hold-build-fail? Rethinking Local-Level Counterinsurgency

David Ucko / War on the Rocks

Counterinsurgency theory underlines the uniqueness of each insurgency, yet also advances an approach that is to apply across time and space. Termed clear-hold-build, the approach involves clearing contested territory through security operations and then holding that territory so as to isolate and defend it from insurgent influence.


Smooth Talking: The Case for Easing Sanctions on Iran

Kimberely Ann Elliott / Foreign Affairs

As negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program resume in Geneva this week, observers and policymakers are sharply divided on the role of economic sanctions.


Crying Lone Wolf
David Wertime / Foreign Policy

After explosions in a provincial capital, Chinese netizens debate whether anti-government violence is acceptable


Philippines Braces As Year’s Most Powerful Typhoon So Far Bears Down

Bill Chappell / NPR

Classified as a super typhoon, the Pacific storm Haiyan is expected to make landfall in the Philippines within the next 12 hours, bringing top sustained winds currently measured at more than 190 miles per hour. That measurement reflects the winds sustained for one minute; the storm is also producing gusts of 230 mph.


Egypt court rejects Muslim Brotherhood ban appeal


A court in Egypt has dismissed an appeal by the Muslim Brotherhood against a ban on all its “activities” and the seizure of its assets.


On Our Flashpoint Blog


A Quiet Hurricance Season? Tell that to the Filipinos
Andrew Holland
Some have called this hurricane season a bust after a very quiet Atlantic storm season. However, just because storms aren’t running up the east coast of the United States into the media-friendly New York metro area, doesn’t mean that there are no storms and that they aren’t affecting people’s lives.

Champions of Change
Farhad Mirzadeh
White House honors veterans advancing climate security and clean energy.


ASP in the News

A Conversation with Laura Rozen and Barbara Slavin: Reporting on Iran
Since the election of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, the Islamic Republic has sought to strike a deal with the P5+1 in order to end sanctions. Laura Rozen and Barbara Slavin will discuss the latest round of talks. Join us for a conversation on the current state and future prospects for diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear program.

The Future of Nuclear Power – A Conversation with Christine Todd Whitman
Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 0830 – 0930: The political debate on nuclear power has been stuck on the same debates for 30 years, but the technology has rapidly advanced. What is the outlook for the American nuclear industry? Governor Whitman will address these questions, and more.


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