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The Great Global Wine Shortage Is Here – and It Will Only Get Worse
Roberto A. Ferdman / The Atlantic


Last year saw the worst wine shortfall in a half-century. And there’s little indication that world production can keep pace with the oenophilic hordes.


Iran Offers UN Monitors Measures to Boost Trust in Atomic Work
Jonathan Tirone / Bloomberg News


Iran and United Nations nuclear monitors came closer to compromising on measures intended to build international trust that the Persian Gulf nation isn’t harboring a clandestine nuclear-weapons program. IAEA officials will travel to Tehran for a Nov. 11 meeting, where both sides will attempt to finalize an accord.


First Anniversary of Sandy Marked
Josh Dawsey and Jennifer Weiss / The Wall Street Journal

Today marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a natural disaster that crashed into the Atlantic coast at New York and New Jersey, killing 147 people and leaving millions in the dark and wrecking thousands of homes and lives.


Al Qaeda Sets Sights On Iraq’s Anbar Province
Mushreq Abbas / Al-Monitor


While the activities of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) – the regional faction of the international al-Qaeda organization – are expanding across the Iraqi map through bombings that are becoming even more violent, Anbar province west of Baghdad is considered the most valuable location for various strategic considerations.


Iraq’s Maliki Seeking Arms, Regional Role in Washington Talks


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki flew to Washington on Tuesday, seeking military supplies to fight an upsurge in sectarian violence spilling over the Syrian border. He will also present himself for President Obama as a potential mediator for him with Iran and Tehran’s Syrian ally, Bashar al-Assad.


EU Makes new bid for deal on Ukraine’s jailed Tymoshenko


European Union mediators resumed a push on Tuesday to secure the release of jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, with EU politicians warning time was running out before the signing of a landmark trade agreement next month.

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