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Tiananmen Square Attack

Barbara Demick/LA Times

A car crash in Tiananmen Square killed 5 people and injured 38 more.  The car managed to come through one of the few openings in the barricades that surround the square.


Al-Shabaab Rebuilds Forces in Somalia
David Smith/The Guardian

Al-Shabaab is suffering from logistical problems, shortages of ammunition and recent internal power struggles.  But officials fear that al-Shabaab will follow the al-Qaida textbook by diffusing into semi-autonomous cells plotting more attacks like Westgate.


Iran and the IAEA

George Jahn/Bloomberg Businessweek

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi promised “new approaches” towards the IAEA by Iran.  Araghchi was optimistic about talks with the IAEA about a potential investigation into Iran’s nuclear activities.


Storm St. Jude


Much of southern England is recovering from a severe storm in which there were gusts of up to 99mph.  More than a quarter of a million homes were left without power, while trains and flights were cancelled or delayed.


Peace Talks Must End Assad’s Rule

Oren Dorell/USA Today

Louay Mokdad, spokesman for the Supreme Military Council, said that peace talks organized by the Obama administration will not happen unless the focus of the talks shifts to ending Assad’s rule and trying him for war crimes.


Journalists Explore U.S. Democracy and Best Media Practices

Office of the Spokesperson/US State Department

One hundred international journalists will begin a three-week exchange this week as participants in the Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists.  The Murrow program is an innovative public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of State and nine leading U.S. schools of journalism.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

A Great Global Security Threat

Mitch Michniowski

General Muniruzzaman, the Chairman of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change, fights a great global security threat, climate change.


Iran’s Enrichment to 20% Halted

Joshua Miller

Iran’s uranium enrichment to 20% halted Thursday, the latest move by the Islamic Republic in line with the recent P5+1 talks. Precluding Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon by imposing tight restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program is the cornerstone of America’s policy objective; in exchange, Iran receives sanctions relief.

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