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Hinkley nuclear power station deal divides opinion

The Hinkley nuclear power station is being built in Somerset but is being met by mounting opposition.

Kids Get ‘Smog Day’ As Pollution Shuts Down Chinese City

A city in China had smog so thick that classes were canceled, roads closed, and planes grounded.

Tablets Set To Take Over The World

Projections indicate that in just two years tablets are likely to outsell PCs.

Egyptian PM condemns ‘callous and criminal’ attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt
The Independent

Masked gunman opened fire at a Coptic Christian church in Egypt, prompting the interim Prime Minister to decry the attacks. However, Christian groups in Egypt blame the Prime Minister for protecting the churches.

Bitcoin price surges to post-crash high
The Guardian

The recent surge in bitcoin prices put to rest the fears that the closure of the Silk Road would hurt the currency.

Zuck’s first major ed-tech investment? Panorama Education, the brainchild of a Yale coder

Zuckerberg’s $100 million fund, Startup: Education made its first national equity investment in a project called Panorama Education which seeks to gather requisite data about how to improve education for school districts.

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