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Kerry Signs Arms Control Treaty

Nicole Gaouette/Bloomsburg

Secretary of State John Kerry signed the first international treaty regulation the global arms market.  The treaty attempts to prevent conventional weapons from falling into the arms of those who would commit war crimes.  The US Senate has already voted against the treaty.


327 Dead in Pakistani Earthquake

Gul Yusufzai/Reuters

Pakistan is recovering from the worst earthquake to hit the country since 2005.  With a magnitude of 7.7, this earthquake has already taken 327 lives.


Why al-Shabaab Tweeted

Mark Gollum/CBC

When al-Shabaab attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, it made sure to live-tweeted the event.   The terrorist group uses Twitter, and other social media outlets, to spread its message and ideology.  Since the attack started, 62 people have died.


Russia takes Greenpeace Captive

Tom Parry/CBC

The Russian Coast Guard seized a ship carrying 30 members of Greenpeace who were protesting Russian oil drilling in the Artic.  Russian authorities may charge the members with piracy.


Egypt’s Tech Innovators

Jonathan Kalan/BBC

The recent turmoil in Egypt has been a source of social unrest, but it has also been a source of tech innovation.  Since 2011, 12 tech hubs have emerged in Cairo alone.


ICAP to Pay $87 Million for LIBOR Manipulation

Danielle Douglas/Washington Post

The British broker ICAP agreed to give $87 million to US and British authorities for its part in manipulating interest rates.  At one point, brokers at ICAP even requested bribes from major banks for manipulating rates.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

Natural Resource Management as a Key to Peace Building

Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz

Natural resource management is crucial to peace building in conflict areas.  The current situation in Afghanistan is demonstrative of this.


Obama’s Reach for Iran Solution

Joshua Miller

Obama makes a reach for a solution with Iran after thirty years of deep distrust and isolation. The tides of change from recent actions on both sides may have finally arrived to set the right tone for potential negotiations.


Upcoming ASP Events

Bangladesh at a Crossroads: A Political and Security Outlook

ASP and Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies are hosting an event on October 1st to discuss security issues of Bangladesh and the stability of the wider South Asian region.

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