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16 September 2013


Typhoon Pummels Japan, 260,000 Evacuate

Denver Nicks / Time

At least one person was killed and at least 260,000 were evacuated after a typhoon hit Japan on today.



South Korean Workers Head Back to Kaesong

Jeyup S. Kwaak / The Wall Street Journal

The Kaesong Industrial Complex reopened on Monday with workers from both North and South Korea returning to work.  A deal to reopen the factories was reached in a move towards de-escalation of tension after the North’s third nuclear weapons test in February.


Obama: Iran should take lesson about potential for diplomacy from Syria debate

Washington Post

President Obama told ABC’s “This Week” that Iran should view the diplomacy over Syria’s chemical weapons as a path they too can pursue over their nuclear program.  This diplomatic action doesn’t mean, he said as a caveat, that the U.S. wouldn’t strike Tehran if deemed necessary.


A new way forward is now possible with Iran

Thomas R. Pickering and Jessica Tuchman Mathews /

With the more moderate Hasan Rouhani taking over the Iranian Presidency from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, there is renewed hope and feasibility of progress on nuclear negotiations.


President Obama prepares to take on Big Coal

Erica Martinson / Politico

The EPA is due to release a proposal, vetted by the White House, that would impose the first-ever limits on greenhouse gases produced by power plants.  This would not affect existing plants, but would strongly impact future plants that rely on coal.  This would be the first major step since Obama’s call to tackle climate change over the summer.


An Unusual Public Battle Over an Energy Nomination

Matthew L. Wald / New York Times

Ronald J. Binz’s nomination to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been come under attack by the coal industry over his advocacy of renewable electricity.


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Water Security and Conflict Prevention Summit at US Institute of Peace

Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz

The U.S. Institute of Peace, the Association of the United States Army, and the U.S. Water Partnership held the first event of a year-long focus on water security and conflict prevention.

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