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Syria Admits to Owning Chemical Weapons

Stacy Meichtry, Inti Landauro, and Gregory L. White / Wall Street Journal

Syria officially admitted that it did possess chemical weapons, the first time this has happened. Furthermore, Syria announced that it would cease production of chemical weapons and tell the UN the locations of their stockpiles.


Kerry Calls Russia’s plan for Syria “Ideal

Spencer Ackerman and Dan Roberts / The Guardian

Secretary of State John Kerry stated that Russia’s plan for Syria to give up its chemical weapon stockpiles is the “ideal way” forward.  The plan began to come into being after Secretary Kerry answered a hypothetical question from a reporter about Syria handing over its stockpiles.


Rouhani’s Twitter Diplomacy

Michael Theodoulou / The National

Iran’s new President, Hassan Rouhani, took to Twitter to wish the Jewish people a happy new year and to clarify that Iran does not deny the Holocaust.  American observers hope that this signals Rouhani will take a less hardline approach to foreign policy than his predecessor, Mahmoud Achmadinejad.


Who is Ali Khamenei?

Akbar Ganji / Foreign Affairs

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is the most powerful man in the country.  His views and opinions, which have an enormous impact on Iranian policy, can be understood by examining his past.


China Cracks Down on Big V

Chris Buckley / New York Times

China has stepped up its censorship on online dissent by arresting hundreds of micro-bloggers since last month.  The micro-bloggers use the moniker Big V, meaning verified account.


India’s Gang Rape Trial

The Associated Press

An Indian court convicted four men accused of violently raping a young Indian woman last year on all 11 charges.  The men now await sentencing, potentially hanging.  The gang rape case sparked protests over India’s complacent attitude towards rape.


ICC puts Kenya’s Vice President on Trial

Nicholas Kulish / New York Times

Kenyan Vice President, William Ruto, plead not guilty to three charges of crimes against humanity when he stood before the International Criminal Court on Tuesday.  Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, will also stand on trial this November.


Apple’s new iPhone

Andre Mayer / CBC News

Apple is set to release the latest version of the iPhone on September, 10.  Apple hopes that the new iPhone will allow it to catch up to Samsung in the smartphone market.