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Iran vote: Rouhani vows transparency on nuclear issue


Iran is ready to show more transparency on its nuclear program, says President-elect Hassan Rouhani.  At the news conference, which covered a wide range of issues, Mr Rouhani also said his government would work towards “constructive interaction with the world”.


C2ES Blockbuster Report: Natural Gas Key for Dealing with Climate Change

Michael L. Krancer and Margaret A. Hill/Blank Rome LLP

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (“C2ES”) released a comprehensive report last week entitled “Leveraging Natural Gas To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” (“the Report”).  The report outlines C2ES’ belief that natural gas is a key to lower and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


Chinese company bids $4.72 billion for Smithfield Foods Inc.

Ike Wilson/The Frederick News

A Chinese company’s $4.72 billion bid for one of the biggest pork producers in the U.S. is generating concern about the quality and safety of the food supply, loss of jobs at home, the environment and eroding competitiveness of the U.S.


Austin Energy could sign 2 large-scale wind deals

The Associated Press

Austin Energy hopes to finalize two wind contracts in another step toward a goal of getting 35 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.


Climate science debate has cost precious time, expert warns

Oliver Milman/The Guardian

Floods, bushfires and this year’s scorching summer heat wave have raised awareness of the dangers of climate change, but an “infantile” debate over the validity of the science has cost Australia precious time, according to a key Climate Commission expert.



Climate talk shifts from curbing CO2 to adapting to its effects

Seth Borenstein/Associated Press

The conversation is no longer solely about how to save the planet by cutting carbon emissions. It’s becoming more about how to save ourselves from the warming planet’s wild weather.


Senate Energy Chairman Has a Broad Agenda and an Eye Toward a Dream Job

Amy Harder/National Journal

As chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Ron Wyden is hashing out a plan with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to get energy-efficiency legislation to the floor next month.


U.S. Seems Eager for Nuclear Talks With Iran’s New Leader

David E. Sanger/The New York Times

President Obama’s top foreign policy aides said Sunday that they planned to press Iran’s newly elected president to resume the negotiations over his country’s nuclear program that derailed in the spring.


US Wants ‘Credible Negotiations’ With North Korea

The Associated Press

The Obama administration said Sunday it was receptive to North Korea’s proposal for high-level talks, but wants “credible negotiations” that will lead to a nuclear-free North.

Pakistan military technology row ‘threatens Israel’s strategic relationship with India’

Phoebe Greenwood/The Telegraph

The sale of Israeli military technology to Pakistan disclosed in British military files has threatened to damage Israel’s strategic alliance with India, sources have claimed.


U.S. Faces a Week of Extreme Weather and Signs of Climate Action

Andrew Steer/World Resources Institute

A severe storm, with winds up to 70 miles per hour, whipped its way from Illinois to Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Colorado is experiencing one of its worst wildfires in history—the Black Forest Fire has burned 15,700 acres, displaced more than 38,000 people, and impacted 13,000 homes. These events are reminders of what the world will look like as our climate system moves into increasingly dangerous and unfamiliar territory.



Indian Army officer killed as Pakistani Soldiers fire along LoC in Poonch sector

The Indian Express

The latest incident comes barely two days after Nawaz Sharif took oath as Pakistan Prime Minister. Sharif had yesterday vowed to ‘progressively pursue’ normalcy in ties with India while actively seeking solutions to outstanding issues, including Kashmir.


Obama, European leaders launch talks on far-reaching trade agreement

Scott Wilson/The Washington Post

President Obama and European leaders announced Monday the start of negotiations to reach a broad trade agreement between the United States and the 27-nation European Union, kicking off a politically complex process that, if successful, holds the promise of economic benefits on both sides of the Atlantic.


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Upgraded Credit Rating Good for Competitiveness

Wes Reichart

The capacity of American firms and workers to compete successfully in the global economy directly correlates to the amount of influence the U.S. can exert around the world. Should we fail to be “competitive” in the economic sector, we will face serious security challenges created by a mismatch of both our hard (military) and soft power and the strategies we wish to pursue.


Moderate Wins in Iran

Terri Lodge

In a surprise, moderate Hassan Rowhani was elected President of Iran on Friday, June 14.  Known to be politically astute, he is a pragmatist and may provide the opening for a diplomatic solution on Iran’s nuclear program.



India and Australia: An Emerging Partnership in the Indian Ocean?

Colin Geraghty

The expanding naval dimension of India’s foreign policy is growing ever clearer, most notably in the Ocean that bears its name, throughout which New Delhi intends to assert a strong presence, while insisting on the legitimacy of this emerging policy.


Competitiveness Should be Focus at G8 Summit

August Cole

From deflecting Russia as the U.S. ramps up support for Syrian rebels to defending the NSA’s insatiable digital appetite to an upset Germany, the temptation is to spend energy and face time on these front-page issues, however, at G8, President Obama must keep focus on American competitiveness.



Boosting Competitiveness Through STEM Education

Ben Secrist

As America continues to pull itself out from the great recession, much of the national discussion has focused on how we can grow our economy to compete in a new global arena where fast paced technology and innovation dominate.


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