Center for Strategic Communication

American Security Project Board Member Admiral William Fallon (US Navy Ret.) was recently quoted by Lara Jakes of the Associated Press in an article detailing the debate regarding the implementation of a no-fly-zone in Syria. Competing arguments as to the applicability of the lessons learned in Iraq with regards to the viability of a no-fly-zone are presented throughout. Admiral Fallon does not foresee the implementation of a such a tactic, citing fears of possible greater escalation than that of the United States’ best interest.

On the flip side, said retired Navy Adm. William Fallon, “there’s no way to do this in a standoff – `We’re just here to help, not going to get our hands dirty.’”

Fallon, the former head of U.S. Central Command who helped draw up and carry out the 1992 no-fly-zone in Iraq, said the challenge “is that you’d better be prepared for escalation and expansion of mission.”

“The likely expansion will be providing air support for guys on the ground,” said Fallon, now on the board of directors at the American Security Project.

The entire Associated Press article, entitled “Talk of No-Fly Zone in Syria Recalls Iraq Effort” can be found here.