Center for Strategic Communication

 Just some links to some new articles of mine which you may find of interest:

  The Syria (Intervention) Strategy Vaccuum:  my weekly FP column looks at the policy implications of defining Syria’s conflict as either a front in a regional war against Iran or a civil war and humanitarian catastrophe to resolve. If Washington were to decide to arm Syria’s rebels, would (and should) the goal be to defeat Assad and his allies or to get them to the negotiating table?

  Winter in Cairo:  my review essay in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas about Carrie Wickham’s fascinating forthcoming book about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which I describe as "an epitaph for what the Muslim Brotherhood might have become."

  Finally, as promised, Foreign Affairs is hosting a discussion between me and Amaney Jamal about the sources of Arab attitudes towards the United States.  My original review essay from last month’s issue is here, Jamal’s response is here, and my response to her comments will be posted soon. 

  I expect to be discussing both issues in more depth soon, but for now I just wanted to post the links for those interested in reading them.