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Preston Maddock of The Huffington Post wrote about the letter that Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Mo Cowan sent to the Secretary of Energy in support of fusion energy research. With proposed budget cuts to the domestic fusion research program, MIT’s Alcator C-Mod facility is threatened with shut down. The Senators wrote to Sec. of Energy Ernest Moniz opposing the move to shut down the important research facility. From the article:

In a letter penned last week to incoming Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, Warren and Cowan said they “were troubled to learn that last week, as a result of budget uncertainty, MIT issued Reduction in Force notices to 35 scientists, engineers and technicians at the Alcator C-Mod facility.”

“We are concerned that failing to provide funding for the facility will threaten American leadership in fusion energy research, harm the American economy in the long term, and hinder innovative efforts to develop clean, safe energy production through fusion,” the senators’ letter read.

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