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At the University of Missouri, engineer Randy Curry and his team have developed a device capable of controlling plasma that could revolutionize energy generation and storage. The plasma does not emit radiation, and it is safe for humans to be around. The biggest development in the device is the plasma’s ability to form its own magnetic field. The article says that this system could be used in three to five years, and it needs the necessary funding to support research and development. From the article:

The plasma device at MU could be enlarged to handle much larger amounts of energy, according to Curry. With sufficient funding, they could develop a system within three to five years that would also be considerably smaller. He noted that they used old technologies to build the current prototype of the plasma-generating machine. Using newer, miniaturized parts, he suggests they could shrink the device to the size of a bread box. “We have a world-class team at MU’s Center for Physical & Power Electronics, but that team will evaporate without funding,” Curry said. “Department of Defense funding for basic research led to our plasma innovation. The sequester’s funding cuts threaten America’s ability to compete in the future of energy technology. Not only will research not be advanced, a new generation of Americans won’t be trained to take the reins of American engineering leadership.”

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