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The Boston Marathon was bombed today near the finish line with allegations of multiple other unexploded devices:

CBS Boston station WBZ-TV reports one of the three who died from the attack was an 8-year-old boy.

 Two bombs exploded near the crowded finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing three people and injuring more than 125 others in a terrifying scene of broken glass, smoke and severed limbs, authorities said.

Police reportedly set off at least one other explosive device with a water cannon. On Monday night, a federal law enforcement source told CBS News correspondent Bob Orr that an earlier report was incorrect that authorities had found one other device that was intact and had not been detonated. Orr reports that authorities are not in possession of such a device.

 CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reports that a Saudi national is being questioned by authorities. He was seen “acting suspiciously” running from the explosion, and a civilian chased him down and tackled him. He was turned over to Boston police and is being questioned by the FBI. He is being cooperative and denies any involvement.

 ”This could mean a lot, or this could mean very little,” Miller said. “It’s too soon to call him a suspect.”

 Miller reported earlier that authorities are also reviewing surveillance video that shows a man from behind carrying two backpacks near the site of the explosions. Authorities are not sure whether the subject in the video is linked to the blasts.

Boston police say no suspect has been taken into custody. 

There is much speculation and misinformation at the present time and a rush to analytic judgement is premature when crucial physical evidence is in the early stages of being found, identified and tested by expert investigators. White House officials have classified the attack – which featured a second blast to harm first responders and bystanders – “terrorism”.

Terrorism would appear to be accurate. Whether this is by a group or a “lone wolf” is not yet determined. The presence of multiple, coordinated bombs would be very difficult for one person acting alone to plant without detection but not impossible, a small cell is more likely. A high failure rate of bombs may indicate a determined amateur rather than a professional bomb-builder from a group like the IRA, Hezbollah or Lashkar-e- Taiba, all of which are noted for their skill with explosives. Nor can a foreign state security agency be definitively ruled out at this time, though that is much less likely a possibility ( Pointlessly bomb the Boston Marathon and get yourself a 2 carrier group aerial “regime decapitation” campaign).

Before jumping to conclusions about the possible identity of the Boston Bomber, recall first guesses are frequently wrong and as with the “Anthrax Letters”, we may never know for certain. Or the FBI may run down the culprits in the next 48 hours. People using this attack to score cheap partisan political points right now in the media or on social network sites  are supreme asshats