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Climate Change, Terrorism and Public Diplomacy

Philip Seib / The Huffington Post

Perhaps the greatest deterrent to extremism is prosperity. If people have a decent place to live, can put food on the table for their families, and see their children healthy and being educated, they are likely to tune out recruitment efforts by terrorists and other proponents of violence.


Music’s New Real Ambassadors

Lara Pellegrinelli / NPR

Soft diplomacy is a buzz phrase these days when it comes to U.S. relations abroad. But it’s a tactic that goes back at least to 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent the high-spirited trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie to the Middle East.


Snapshot Captures Activity, But the Results?

Joe Johnson / The Public Diplomacy Council

Have you subscribed to Under Secretary Sonenshine’s biweekly Snapshot of Public Diplomacy in Action?  It’s the first newsletter of public diplomacy activities available to the general public that I recall.


The Use of Social Media in Public Diplomacy: Scanning e-Diplomacy by Embassies in Washington DC

Jeanette Gaida and Ali Fisher / Take Five Blog

With over 170 diplomatic missions in the United States, American citizens and social media users around the world have a vast range of channels with which to engage. Adding to the range of channels, many embassies also have multiple accounts on the same platform, often an account representing the Ambassador and an account for the embassy.


From Social Media Week: Bringing public diplomacy into the social arena

Kara Hadge / Smart Blogs

The lure of reaching new audiences around the world is a compelling reason for any organization to start using social media. It’s especially compelling when that lure is already your mission.


The Future of U.S. foreign aid

Kevin McElligott / Exchange Diplomacy

As John Kerry embarks on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, a nine-nation endeavor that will see him call on our western European allies and multiple states in the Middle East, he’ll be confronted with a variety of challenges.


‘Argo’ premiere event in D.C. a ‘Canada love-in’ and Public Diplomacy Win

Stephanie Levitz / The Canadian Press

A screening and reception for the Hollywood film “Argo” at the Canadian embassy in Washington last fall was such a hot ticket, people complained afterwards about not getting invited.


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