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North Korea Nuclear Tests: Pyongyang defies UN resolutions, conducts explosive tests

David Chance and Jack Kim/ Reuters

North Korea conducted its third nuclear test on Tuesday in defiance of existing U.N. resolutions, angering the United States and Japan and prompting its only major ally, China, to call for calm.

Shell Vessels Sidelined, Imperiling Arctic Plans

Clifford Krauss / New York Times

In another blow to its Alaskan Arctic drilling program, Royal Dutch Shell said on Monday that it had decided to tow its two drill vessels there to Asian ports for major repairs, jeopardizing its plans to begin drilling for oil in the icy northern seas next summer.

EPA moves forward with climate change protection plan, asks for comments

Ben Goad / The Hill

The Environmental Protection Agency is formally moving forward with its Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The effort comes in response to a 2009
government-wide directive via President Obama’s Council on Environmental Quality, requiring agencies to plan this year for future climate change.

New Harvard report probes security risks of extreme weather and climate change

A new study, conducted specifically to explore the forces driving extreme weather events and their implications for national security planning over the next decade, finds that the early ramifications of climate extremes resulting from climate change are already upon us and will continue to be felt over the next decade, directly impacting US national security interests.

‘Huge consequences’ of climate change, Syrian crisis must be faced, Ban tells think tank

UN News Centre

On Monday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke to a United States think tank. He highlighted Syria and climate change as two major issues that threatened huge, global consequences and called for the international community to uphold its responsibilities in facing them.

Governments to launch community colleges

Malini Sen/ India Times

India has one of the youngest populations in the world. The biggest challenge that the country is facing today is how to bridge the gap between education and employability. In order to tackle this challenge, the government has decided to launch Community Colleges from the next academic session 2013-2014 to facilitate mobility of learners into the employment sector.

U.S proliferation penalties hit new targets


The Obama administration on Monday announced new penalties against people and organizations in five countries for allegedly engaging in illicit weapon-sensitive dealings with Iran, North Korea or Syria.

ASP Recently Published Reports

Fact Sheet- North Korea’s Nuclear Program

Derek Bolton

this timeline follows the North’s nuclear program from its outset in the 1950’s, traces its development over the years, and highlights key points in the North’s weaponization process-be it mere desires (seen through statements, communications and activity), or tangible technical advances.

Fact Sheet- The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Sean Boers

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty is a zero-yield ban on nuclear testing that builds upon a long and bipartisan history of attempts to halt nuclear testing. The CTBT is an important step in enhancing American national security interests: it allows us to maintain our own strong nuclear deterrent while deterring and preventing other non-nuclear states from developing nuclear weapons.

Cause and effect- U.S. gasoline prices

Andrew Holland and Nick Cunningham

This paper examines the causes of America’s soaring gasoline prices. The paper underscores that the price of gas is intimately interconnected with crude oil prices, which are set by global markets. The paper cautions that although America’s oil production has surged in recent years, it has not lowered gas prices.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

Tracing North Korea’s nuclear test

Katharyn Nicolle

North Korea’s third nuclear test, conducted yesterday evening, has been met with widespread condemnation from the international community. This test, like the ones in 2006 in 2009, is in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Nuke Review February 5-11

Magnus Newth

Read about Iran’s nuclear program, North Korea, and more!

ASP Slides- “Cause and Effect: U.S. Gasoline Prices”

Nick Cunningham

ASP released its report, “Cause and Effect: U.S. Gasoline Prices” that demonstrates that retail gasoline prices are driven by events largely out of our control.