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Climate Change and the President

Editorial board / The Washington Post

President Obama will deliver his 2013 State of the Union address on Tuesday, and expectations are high that he will devote significant time to climate change.


The world is producing more oil than ever. So why are gas prices still high?

Brad Plumer / The Washington Post

Last year, the world  pumped more oil out of the ground than ever before in history. Yet oil and gasoline prices remain at elevated levels.


Insight: Iran nuclear fuel move may avert mid-year crisis

Myra MacDonald and Fredrik Dahl/Reuters

Iran appears to have resumed converting small amounts of its higher-grade enriched uranium into reactor fuel, diplomats say, a process which if expanded could buy time for negotiations between Washington and Tehran on its disputed nuclear program.


Ahmadinejad says he will talk with US if West stops pressuring Iran

AP/The Washington Post

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he is ready to have direct talks with United States if the West stops pressuring his country.


Obama visit to focus on Iran, Syria, peace: Israel PM


Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Syria and the peace process with the Palestinians will top US President Barack Obama’s agenda on his upcoming visit to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.


Big powers set to respond if Iran addresses nuclear concerns: Kerry

Arshad Mohammed/Reuters

Major powers are ready to respond if Iran comes to February 26 nuclear talks prepared to discuss “real substance” and address questions about its nuclear program, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday.


Why uranium would make a North Korean nuclear test especially scary

Max Fisher/The Washington Post

Some analysts fear that an upcoming test could feature a uranium-fueled weapon, rendering it potentially even more provocative. North Korea has in the past used plutonium. Why would the switch to uranium matter? Here are four reasons.


Why North Korea Is Testing Nuclear Weapons Now

Andrew Natsios/U.S. News

The first test of the Obama administration’s second term foreign policy team is shaping up to be North Korea’s upcoming nuclear explosion. Korean President Kim Jong Un last week declared martial law in anticipation of the country’s third nuclear test.


ASP Published Today


Cause and Effect – U.S. Gasoline Prices

Andrew Holland and Nick Cunningham

This paper examines the causes of America’s soaring gasoline prices. The paper underscores that the price of gas is intimately interconnected with crude oil prices, which are set by global markets.


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ASP Slides – “Cause and Effect: U.S. Gasoline Prices”

Nicholas Cunningham

ASP released its report, “Cause and Effect: U.S. Gasoline Prices” that demonstrates that retail gasoline prices are driven by events largely out of our control.


Energy Production Could Require Double The Amount Of Water By 2035

Danielle Parillo

If water scarcity is thought to be a problem now, just wait until 2035.