Center for Strategic Communication

This week, Afghan President Hamid Karzai will meet with President Barack Obama to discuss the future of US-Afghan relations. Among the topics they might discuss are:

  • The Status of Forces Agreement governing the stationing of U.S. trainers after withdrawal;
  • Legal immunity for U.S. forces after 2014;
  • A finalized policy for handling detainees;
  • The eventual number of troops needed for the training and mentoring of Afghan security forces; and
  • Maintaining the Strategic Partnership Agreement, signed last May in Kabul.

ASP has been at the forefront of analysis on the prospects and future of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. We’ve assembled our substantial work about strategic design, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and the future of Afghanistan in a single Scribd collection. Several noteworthy reports are linked below:


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