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The American Security Project congratulates Senator John Kerry and former Senator Chuck Hagel, both founding board members of the organization, on their nominations as the next Secretary Of State and Secretary of Defense respectively.

The American Security Project’s Chairman, former Senator Gary Hart said:

“Throughout a life of public service, especially in the entwined fields of foreign and security policies, John Kerry has consistently demonstrated concern for creative internationalism and forward- looking approaches to security, nowhere more so than in his foresight in establishing the American Security Project.   

In response to an unhealthy rise in partisan divisions post-Cold War, he understood more than most national leaders the importance of maintaining the bipartisanship in international security that enabled the West to prevail in that ‘long twilight struggle.’ He will be a remarkable Secretary of State.

Harking back to the day when Republicans and Democrats joined forces to create the bedrock of our national security, Chuck Hagel has set himself apart in his commitment to placing defense and national security before party and ideology.  He is an excellent choice to lead the Department of Defense through a time of budget reductions but even more important institutional and structural reforms.”

The American Security Project’s President Vice Admiral Lee Gunn USN (Ret.) said:

“I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Senator John Kerry and Senator Hagel on their nominations to be Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense.  Both men have served with me on the board of the American Security Project and I have seen for myself that they are the best of their generation of American leaders.

John Kerry and Chuck Hagel have shown tireless leadership in strengthening peace and prosperity and enhancing our national security – while building bi-partisan consensus around the strategic challenges that face our nation. 

I wish them a speedy confirmation process and know they will serve our nation, as they have done in the past, with foresight, effectiveness, and with the best interests of America at heart. 

I know that they will remain interested in the work of ASP, and we will remain committed to providing them both with timely and insightful bi-partisan advice throughout their tenure.”

The American Security Project’s CEO BGen Stephen A. Cheney USMC (Ret.) said:

“The nominations of Senator Kerry to be our Secretary of State and Senator Hagel to be our Secretary of Defense are warmly welcomed by the American Security Project. 

Both men are founding fathers of this institution, and they represented the best of our bi-partisan effort to educate America on issues of critical importance to our national security.  This effort continues today thanks to their support.  

They have always had the best interests of our country at heart, even if it meant compromise – something that is sorely missing in today’s debates.   They will bring this approach to their new positions, and the American Security project congratulates them both.” 




The American Security Project is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy and research organization dedicated to fostering knowledge and understanding of a range of national security issues, promoting debate about the appropriate use of American power, and cultivating strategic responses to 21st century challenges. 

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