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Swiss probe $139M SNC-Lavalin laundering case

John Nicol and Dave Seglins / CBC News

Riadh Ben Aissa, a former executive of SNC-Lavalin, has been formally indicted by Swiss authorities on allegations of money laundering and corrupting public officials.  Aissa is believed to have authorized large transfers of money within a network of companies in order to obtain contracts in Libya.

Goma tense as ultimatum for rebels’ departure looms

Associated Press

Residents of Goma, the Congolese city taken last week by M23 rebels, are awaiting the deadline for the group to withdraw.  The rebels have until midnight on Monday to leave Goma.

Gas Tanker Ob River Attempts First Winter Arctic Crossing

Matt McGrath/BBC News           

A large tanker carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) is set to become the first ship of its type to sail across the Arctic.

Israel, militants begin talks on truce details


Israel and Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip began indirect talks Monday in Egypt aimed at forging a new era of relations between the bitter enemies following a cease-fire that ended the heaviest fighting in nearly four years.

U.S. Holds to Climate Goals Despite Poor Nations’ Pleas

Alister Doyle and Stian Reklev/Reuters

The United States resisted pledging steeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 on Monday despite calls by poor nations at the start of a U.N conference for tougher action to avert storms, droughts and rising seas.

The demise of coal-fire power plants

Steven Mufson / The Washington Post

The rise of cheap and plentiful shale natural gas is hastening the fall of older, coal-fired power plants. Salem Harbor is a case study of how the shale gas revolution is overthrowing assumptions about energy by undercutting coal prices and usurping it as the nation’s fuel of choice for electric power generation.

Army launches smart Operational Energy use campaign, identifies 10 initiatives

The Army launched “The Power is In Your Hands” campaign today to encourage Soldiers to use energy smarter on the battlefield.

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Fact Sheet: Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

Aaron Hesse

Iran’s nuclear facilities pose several unique challenges. Iran’s refusal to take steps to increase transparency remains a serious concern. Understanding the details of Iran’s nuclear program, from basic location and capabilities to tactical considerations, is key to the ongoing debate over policy options.

Brigadier General Cheney: Climate Change Threat to Middle East Security

ASP CEO BGen Steve Cheney, USMC (Ret.) participated in a panel discussion as part of the Climate Reality Project, a 24-hour newscast on climate change. This segment focused on the climate threats to the Middle East.

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CIA Climate Analysis Unit Closes – Time for a Better Model?

Andrew Holland

Having a climate unit in CIA that was focused on climate change like it was some sort of threat that required, secret, classified knowledge was never the way to address this threat. Putting up walls and pretending that CIA had some sort of specialist knowledge on this that other specialists did not was the wrong approach.


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