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6 November 2012

Nuclear fusion, JET and ITER: Your questions answered

The Engineer

Two European projects are hoping to pave the way for commercially viable power generation using nuclear fusion – a breakthrough that could make a massive contribution to our energy and climate change worries.

UN: Iran not cooperating on nuclear weapons probe

Edith M. Lederer/Associated Press

The U.N. nuclear chief said Monday that Iran is not cooperating with an investigation into suspected secret work on nuclear weapons.

Yes, Climate Change Contributed to Superstorm Sandy

Dr. Bob Corell, Dr. Jeff Masters, and Dr. Kevin Trenberth / Politico

As Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast last week, meteorologists and climate scientists were repeatedly asked to explain what role climate change played in amplifying the storm. Here’s our best to answer.

Why Businesses Must Focus On Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Eliot Metzger / Triple Pundit

This week, Hurricane Sandy drew attention to the increasing climate-related risks for communities and businesses. More and more companies are recognizing and reporting on actions they’re taking to “mitigate” climate change.

ECOWAS to Explore Dual Strategy Against Mali Militants

Anne Look / Voice of America

West African allies continue to explore a dual strategy against the al-Qaida-linked Islamist militants who seized northern Mali in April.

Pakistani Power Play

C. Christine Fair / Foreign Policy

Long after the last U.S. or NATO soldier leaves Afghanistan — and no matter who wins on Tuesday — Pakistan will continue to present fundamental challenges to U.S. regional interests and international security.


Climate Change and U.S. Military Basing

Climate change will not only affect American security through impacts on the economy and our physical infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports, etc.); it can also affect our domestic and international military bases.

In the News

Boston Globe cites ASP “Climate Security Report”

Boston Globe Contributor Juliette Kayyem wrote an article today on the connection between climate change and national security, citing ASP’s new “Climate Security Report.”

BGen Stephen Cheney, Andrew Holland, and Catherine Foley Quoted in Business Mirror

An article in BusinessMirror provided an in depth look at ASP’s new “Climate Security Report.” The article quoted several members of ASP staff – Adjunct Fellow Catherine Foley, Senior Fellow Andrew Holland, and ASP CEO BGen Stephen Cheney, USMC (Ret.).

On Our Flashpoint Blog

The Nuke Review, October 22 – November 5

Mitchell Freddura

Read about the latest on negotiations with Iran, the threat posed by nuclear terrorism, why the U.S. should maintain the Triad, and much more

The Boston Globe: “War on Climate Change”

Nicholas Cunningham

Today, Juliette Kayyem wrote an article in The Boston Globe on the connection between climate change and national security, entitled “After Sandy, environmentalists, military find common cause.” She cited ASP’s report as evidence of the growing concern among national security planners about the risks of climate change.