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BAE Systems and EADS Abandon Merger Talks

Mark Scott/New York Times

In spite of numerous deliberations in past weeks, aerospace giants EADS and BAE Systems ended mergers talks on Wednesday after political haggling between European governments scuppered the deal. The announcement came only hours before a deadline set by the British authorities to decide whether to proceed.

Iranian minister try to woo investment from India as Western sanctions bite, currency tumbles

AP/Washington Post

As Western sanctions squeeze Iran and its currency tumbles, the country’s energy minister worked Wednesday to woo Indian businesses to invest in the beleaguered Iranian economy.

Contractors in War Zones: Not Exactly “Contracting”

David Isenberg/Time

U.S. military forces may be out of Iraq, but the unsung and unrecognized part of America’s modern military establishment is still serving and sacrificing — the role played by private military and security contractors.

China officials to skip IMF meetings in Japan

Al Jazeera

China’s central bank governor and finance minister have withdrawn from upcoming International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings being held in Japan, as the two Asian giants remain at odds over a cluster of tiny islands in the East China Sea.

In the News

Four critical nuclear security choices loom for US

Terri Lodge/The Hill

ASP nuclear security director Terri Lodge discusses the substantial choices the next administration will face regarding nuclear security issues. Its decisions, she warns, will have serious implications not just for the future of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, but for the entire U.S. national security enterprise.


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Somalia – Understanding the Past, Looking to the Future

Matt Freear

It has been more than three months since Associated Press removed the tag of “world’s most dangerous city” from its capital, Mogadishu. Last week, extremist insurgents were pushed out of the commercial hub of Kismayo. This progress is important to the United States – read more for a closer examination why.

Event Review: Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

Ashley Boyle

A recap of the ASP-hosted panel discussion on Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan on October 9th.  Panelists focused on issues including recent “green-on-blue” attacks, stability projections for U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and long-term governance issues.

Fusion Energy Conference Begins in San Diego

Nicholas Cunningham

The “24th Fusion Energy Conference” is set to begin this week in San Diego. The purpose of the conference is for fusion experts from different countries and laboratories to exchange the technical and scientific results from their research.