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4 October 2012

Turkey’s parliament authorizes military action in Syria

BBC News – Middle East

Turkey’s parliament has passed a bill (320 to 129 votes) permitting “cross-border action” against Syria following the Syrian shelling of the Turkish town, Akcakale.  Despite the parliamentary vote, Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay assures that Turkey has no desire to enter into a war with its neighbor.

Afghanistan imposes currency curbs in response to Iran rial dive

Sharafuddin Sharafyar/Reuters

In response to the plunge in the Iranian rial’s value, Afghanistan has imposed a strict limit of US$1,000 that travelers may take out of Afghanistan.  The decline in the rial’s value has prompted clashes in Iran and is adversely affecting business in Herat, Afghanistan.

Protests in Tehran: Will Pain of Sanctions Change Iran’s Nuclear Calculus?

Tony Karon/Time Magazine

The rial has fallen 40% against the dollar in the past week alone, after three years of steady decline, accelerated by the rush to convert savings. For many in the West, the turmoil was interpreted as a sign that sanctions are having their desired effect.

Europe Weighs More Sanctions as Iran’s Currency Plummets

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan/Bloomberg Businessweek

The U.K., France and Germany are pressing for new sanctions to bring Iran’s economy to its knees and curb its nuclear ambitions, according to several European diplomats, as rioting over the country’s tumbling currency suggests the existing sanctions are taking a toll.

U.N. atomic agency says no date set for fresh Iran talks


The U.N. atomic agency has yet to agree a date for further talks with Iran and has little hope for a speedy resolution to a standoff with Tehran over its nuclear program, the head of the nuclear watchdog said on Thursday.

Pentagon Energy Expo: Bring On the Solar

Sandra I. Erwin/ National Defense Magazine

Anyone who strolled through the “Pentagon Energy Security Event” this week would have to conclude that the military is shopping for new products mainly in two areas: Solar power and batteries.

Tesla Fires Up Solar-Powered Charging Stations

Ashlee Vance/ Bloomberg Business Week

“You will be able to drive free forever on pure sunlight. I think it’s pretty hard to beat that.”

So proclaimed Elon Musk last night in Los Angeles as he unveiled a new fleet of solar-powered, public charging stations for the Tesla Model S sedan.


Fact Sheet – The National Security Need for Public Diplomacy

Matthew Wallin

Public diplomacy is a vital element of national security for the United States. This fact sheet contains quotes about the national security need for public diplomacy from a bipartisan collection of current and historic figures.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

The US and its UAVs: On Data and Drone Studies

Ashley Boyle

Recently, several significant reports on the “human dimension” of US drone strikes have gained high-profile media coverage and demonstrated how, in the absence of a US Government narrative on current drone programs, the public dialogue tends towards moralizing on the matter via questionable data and analytical methodologies.

Better Oversight Needed for Domestic Intelligence Collection

William Chodkowski

A report released by the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations Wednesday revealed some alarming trends about misguided intelligence collection at state fusion centers. Take a strategic look at how Congress and top DHS officials might shift priorities to ensure that funding allocated to the fusion centers is used more effectively.



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