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24 September, 2012

Arab Spring Leaving Women out in the cold

Sarah Lynch/USA Today

The Arab Spring uprising that have ousted dictators and ushered in democratic reforms such as free elections also gave some women hope that they, too, would see an end to discrimination.


Dangerous and deepening divide between Islamic world, West

Peter Apps/Reuters

For those who believe in a clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and Western democracy, the last few weeks must seem like final confirmation of their theory.


Iran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases in Event of War

Ali Akbar Dareinil/AP

A senior commander in Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard warned that Iran will target U.S. bases in the region in the event of war with Israel, raising the prospect of a broader conflict that would force other countries to get involved, Iranian state television reported Sunday.


The Missing Cost of Iran

Albert Hunt/Bloomberg

The last two U.S. presidents have misled voters on the cost of armed conflicts. Amid another election, the drumbeats of war are sounding again. This time, the subject is Iran.


Iran readies domestic Internet system, blocks Google

Reuters in Chicago Tribune

Iran is moving forward with a plan to route its citizens onto a “domestic Internet network,” claiming the move will increase the country’s cybersecurity. At the same time, state sources have announced that Google and Gmail will be blocked on account of an anti-Islamic film circulating on YouTube.


Mali agrees to host anti-Islamist Ecowas force

BBC News

Mali has agreed to allow a 3,000 strong Ecowas force to conduct counterterrorism operations in the northern region that was seized by Islamist militants in April.  The Malian government is expected to seek UN backing for the Ecowas force this week.


Kazakhstan’s prime minister resigns

Al Jazeera

Karim Massimov, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and “the longest-serving head of government in the former Soviet nation’s history,” has resigned from his post. While Massimov’s resignation was expected, it is noted that the reasons for the move remain unclear.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

The U.S. Budget and the Department of Energy

Galen Petruso

The new 2013 fiscal year begins on October 1, 2012; however, because Congress was unable to pass any annual budget appropriations bill to fund discretionary spending, a six-month continuing resolution (CR) has been approved.


Need to Know – Afghanistan and U.S. National Security

Joshua Foust

This is a collection of work ASP has published on the war in Afghanistan. From examining the strategic foundation of the war to measuring its progress, ASP has presented the war in new ways supported by data and analysis, rather than posturing or optimism.




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