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On August 31st, 2010, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office. “So tonight,” he said, “I am announcing that the American combat mission in Iraq has ended.” To mark the historic moment, the President and First Lady joined administration officials and thousands of people from across the country to offer their support and appreciation for our veterans, troops, and military families. Explore some of the video messages, tweets, and facebook posts saluting our men and women in uniform.

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Saluting Service in Iraq: 8/31/2010

On August 31st, 2010, President Obama ended the combat mission in Iraq. The President and First Lady joined administration officials and people across the country to support and thank our veterans, troops and military families online. Share your message of thanks with #SaluteTroops.

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President Obama Salutes the Troops, and Invites You to Joinwhitehouse
The First Lady Shares her Message of Thanks to the Troops and their Familieswhitehouse
Thanks to our troops for the tremendous sacrifices that they & all of their loved ones make #SaluteTroops Carney (EOP)
I salute the troops with my appreciation and love and welcome them home with joy. Julia Pearl Mathie
Today, Pres. Obama brings the combat mission in #Iraq to an end. Post your salute to the #troops coming home: #salutetroopsSusan Rice
Our family’s message to the troopswhitehouse
RT @berriffic: To all the troops & their loved ones! We owe you forever #salutetroopsThe White House
Support the Troops
RT @Wilson_Lopez: I want to thank the brave men & women of our armed forces who served in Iraq. You’re all true heros! #salutetroopsThe White House
Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden shares her salute to the troopswhitehouse
Support the Troops
Welcome home. and THANK YOU for your service…..Wanda Grubbs Schwerer
Jim Lehrer Salutes the Troopswhitehouse
pausing today to thank our brave troops for their service & sacrifice in Iraq & around the world. #salutetroopsRyan Seacrest
Support the Troops
In advance of the President’s speech tonight on the end of combat operations in Iraq, I want to join with all Americans in thanking our troops and their families for their service and sacrifice.Steven Chu
Ben Rhodeswhitehouse
Support the Troops
@merylbcole: Simply, thanks. To you and your families from me and mine. #salutetroops
People everywhere are taking a moment to show their support for the #troops and their families: #salutetroopsStateDept
Secretary Ray LaHoodwhitehouse
As our combat mission ends, I join in thanking those who have served in Iraq-and honor those we’ve lost #SaluteTroopsNancy Pelosi
Use #SaluteTroops to thank our troops, vets & military families➛ /via @whitehouse #MilitaryMonAlyssa Milano
AKA Message – Gamma Phi Omega Chapterwhitehouse
“Thank you for the huge sacrifice you have made for our country.” – Nancy Wallace via
Drew Brees salutes the troopswhitehouse
@opticsguy: Thanks to all who have served, all who currently serve, and all of those families supporting our American Heroes! #salutetroops
Support the Troops
Thanks You Vets – From King Georgewhitehouse

“Thank you all for your service and support. You help make this a great country by defending its people and honor in the name of freedom and justice. God bless you all, and the U.S.” -John Jonesvia

Thank You! from Libertyvillewhitehouse
@JamesJRitchotte: Welcome home troops. My kids think you are real #superheroes. Thanks for your service and for watching our backs. #SaluteTroops
Support the Troops
Our message of support and thankswhitehouse

“Thanks to all veterans and their families. You will be forever in my prayers and gratitude!” -Patricia Trisha Stauder via facebook

“As a former Navy Guy. I would like to thank all the men and women that are serving and making us safe.Lets all Shake or hug a military person and show them that Americans are about” -Frank Chandlervia via
Sec. Janet Napolitanowhitehouse
Time to #salutetroops: I appreciate your service, particularly overseas, and will do my small part. Next: jobs for vets
@slclzs: #salutetroops thank you for everything. You are part of what makes this nation great.
Support the Troops
@exploratoria: Thank you for your courage and self-sacrifice in supporting our freedom! #salutetroops
Salute the Troops: Examiner.comexaminerhq
Share your msg of support & thanks 2 the troops, vets & military families @ V @WalkWithHeroes <#MilitaryMonReeni
“Simply to put it: Welcome home, thanks for making America great” -Jon Reeves via facebook
Support the Troops

“All i have to say is that every single one of you are absolute heroes. Keep safe out there and all the best from my family.” -Daniel Williams via

Support the Troops
Share your message of thanks. Use the hashtag #SaluteTroops on twitter,
update your status on facebook and share a message of thanks with a military family at

Before his Oval Address in 2010, the President traveled to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas to speak with troops who had seen every phase of what had become one of America’s longest wars, and who continue to serve in Afghanistan. This Friday, August 31st, 2012, exactly two-years later, the President Obama will return to Fort Bliss to address troops on the progress we’ve made in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to discuss the steps this Administration has taken to support our service members and veterans at home.

To mark two years since the end of combat in Iraq, and with troops still serving in Afghanistan, take a moment to show your support for those that serve and their families. Here’s how you can participate:

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