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The Guardian LogoAn American Security Project paper, “The Strategic Context of Lethal Drones,” by Joshua Foust and Ashley Boyle, is mentioned in The Observer.  In a discussion about the tactical and ethical considerations of drone strikes, Peter Beaumont quotes Foust and Boyle on the legal foundations of lethal drone strikes.

“What then of the issue of international legality? As Joshua Foust and Ashley Boyle argue in a new paper, The Strategic Context of Lethal Drones for the American Security Project, this, too, is more complex than some have assumed. The use of force against countries in peacetime, as they point out, is governed by Article 51 of the UN Charter. This permits ‘the right of individual or collective defence’ across borders in peacetime if either one of two requirements is satisfied: that the group or individuals being targeted poses a threat or if the country, where the strike takes place, ‘consents.’”

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