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The New Public Diplomacy Imperative takes a look at the strategic necessity for strong American public diplomacy. Author Matthew Wallin examines many of the issues in contemporary public diplomacy, and recommends best practices for policy makers and public diplomacy practitioners.

This white paper also provides case studies, as well as insight and guidance to strengthen the effectiveness of American messaging overseas.

The Honorable Gary Hart, Chairman of the Board of ASP and former Senator from Colorado said: “Beyond our economic and military power, America’s strength has always rested in our ideals, those principles enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Through our diplomacy and our willingness to live up to our ideals, we touch the deep longing of people around the world to identify with what we hope to represent.”

Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney USMC (Ret.), CEO of the American Security Project said: “American strength is defined not only by the power of its military or economy, but by the power of its example, words and diplomacy. Our effectiveness overseas depends on our ability to properly utilize all the tools in our arsenal.”

He continued: “Public diplomacy is a vital element of our national security that helps us pursue the best strategies for securing our national interests overseas.” 

Matthew Wallin stated: “America needs to strengthen the quality of its messaging and fortify its narrative with action that is consistent with American goals and ideals. Listening to foreign publics allows us to craft messages and policies that ultimately better achieve our strategic objectives.”

He continued: “The strategic need for public diplomacy to better inform the policy making process cannot be underestimated.”

You can download the full White Paper here, or read it below:

The New Public Diplomacy Imperative