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[by J. Scott Shipman]
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We’re a little over 60 days out.

This is the draft agenda for Boyd & Beyond 2012. If you are listed as a speaker and cannot, please let us know. If you wanted to speak/were promised a spot and didn’t make the agenda, let us know. We had more speakers than the two days would allow.

This is an all volunteer event. If anyone wants to volunteer to bring coffee and water, let us know. I’ve taken care of it for the last couple of years and we’ve gone through 10 gallons/day. Additionally, we’ve had someone bring bagels in the past.Lunch will be ordered out—last year it was pizza. If you see a problem, let us know. Many thanks!

Boyd and Beyond 2012 Friday 12 October

0730-0815 Stan Coerr intro

0815-0945 Present at the Creation

Chet Richards: Closing the OODA Loop: Boyd, the Conceptual Spiral, and the Meaning of Life (60 min)

Greg Wilcox: Boyd’s: People, Ideas, and Things, In That Order (30 min)

Dr. Terry Barnhart : Ten-Minute Teaching Modules throughout conference


1000-1200 The Rise of the Marines

Brigadier General Stacy Clardy USMC: John Boyd, Quantico and Marine Corps Enlightenment (60 min)


Captain Paul Tremblay USMC: Boyd and Bravo Company: Tempo in Ground Combat (60 min)

Terry for Ten

1230 Lunch brought in

Terry for Ten

1245-1345 Boyd and the Real World

Katya Drozdova: Afghanistan, Force and Tempo (30 min)
Marshall Wallace: NGO Team Decision Cycles in Crisis: Boyd in Action (30 min)

Terry for Ten

1345-ENDEX Holding the Grail

Mike Miller: The Boyd Archives: Lecture and Tour Round-Robin

To archives: small groups, 30 minutes each

Concurrent in classroom: Case Method Instructors (Bruce Gudmundsson/Damien O’Connell).

GI Wilson: How it Happened

Boyd and Beyond 2012 Saturday 13 October

Terry for Ten

0800-1030 Boyd and Bad Guys

Sid Heal: The Five-Dimensional Battlespace (60 min)


Fred Leland: The Anatomy of Victory : Winning at Low Cost (60 min)
Adam Elkus: OODA and Robotic Weapons (30 min)

1030-1230 Boyd in Battle : Insurgency

Pete Turner: Human Terrain Systems and COIN (30 min)
Tom Hayden: Boyd and COIN (60 min)
Mike Grice: The Second O: The Effect of COIN on Orientation (30 min)

Terry for Ten

1100-1330 Boyd and Business

Jake Wood and William McNulty: Boyd and Bureaucracy: Starting Rubicon (90 min)

1230 Lunch brought in

David Diehl: Boyd in the Cyber Conflict Domain (30 min)
Mike Grice & Jonathan Brown: Boyd Cycle in High-Pressure Business (30 min)

Terry for Ten

1330-1500 Boyd and Your Brain

Chris Cox: Boyd and Politics (30 min)


Michael Moore: WinBowl II (60 min)


1515-1545 Boyd and Beyond IV Silicon Valley Spring 2013

Stan Coerr: Next Steps

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