Center for Strategic Communication

Last week’s talks between Iran and EU officials followed a familiar pattern: no agreement was reached, but another round of talks is expected soon. The lack of a breakthrough has given rise to calls for the U.S. to take more aggressive action, from ratcheting up sanctions to military strikes.

Calls to abandon negotiations fail to take into account the history of U.S.-Iran engagement.

This overview of nuclear talks between the U.S. and Iran shows that the two countries have had very limited contact over the past several decades.

Diplomatic solutions to the nuclear standoff have not been exhausted in these few meetings. Understanding the context of U.S.-Iran diplomacy, it is clear that the U.S. should continue to engage rather than abandoning negotiations before every option has been explored.

You can download the report here, or read it below.

Talking With Tehran- an Overview of U.S.-iran Nuclear Negotiations