Center for Strategic Communication

It’s been some time since Intermap has been active as a blog site. The site is now declared officially “active” once again. It is my intention to use the blog as an outlet for ideas pertaining to research projects as well as a venue for responding to news pertaining to strategic communication, public diplomacy, and international communication. The site will also feature new contributions for guest bloggers. If you’re interested, please let me know.

So why did Intermap go radio silent? I was busy trying to get “The Rhetoric of Soft Power: Public Diplomacy in Global Contexts” finished and published.

That said, I’m eagerly pursuing new projects – many of which will be talked about here. And I know that Intermap is joining a much more vibrant blogosphere on issues pertaining to international communication. Mountainrunner is blogging again. RS Zaharna’s blog project is exciting. Robin Brown’s blog is always stimulating and provocative. Steven Corman his research colleagues at ASU have continue to provide great insight on their COMOPS Journal blog. And of course, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy and GW’s “Take Five” blog are but a few examples of a steadily growing, diverse field of online discussion. And that’s not even mentioning the active twitter feeds the fuel the media ecology on public diplomacy and international communication studies. So let’s get started.