Center for Strategic Communication

I'll be referring back to this passage in my next post on the 2d edition of Zawahiri's 2d spiritual autobiography, Knights Under the Banner of the Prophet:

Ultimately, for Al-Muqrin, the strategic goal of any just war has to be an eschatological and ethereal — albeit distant — one of promoting Islam’s ultimate global victory or, as he puts it, “to fight for the sake of God to make the shari’a the law of the land and for the word of God to become supreme.” A religiously based – state an Islamic Caliphate – would be established as the institutional framework for these changes.  Although it may only occur in the distant future, he projects light overtaking the present darkness, when “the sun of the truth, Islam, and the Sunnah will shine.”  This may occur slowly, but it will occur, until one day God established the rightly guided Caliphate, which will fill the world with righteousness and justice.  The jihad will continue until final victory:  “Let all know that our jihad will continue until God curbs the power of the infidels…and until there is no more discord and God’s religion prevails.” In fact, Al-Muqrin believed that the jihad would be a permanent condition, ending only on Judgement Day.  (CIGAR, 16)