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Internet Haganah | New/Active Threads, 01-06 January, 2012

Old age and weak passwords

Analysis of the Stratfor Password List

Iran Site of the Pooyapendar Pishro Company [dig in, folks – there’s a little something here for everyone]

Central Bank of Iran [netblock, useragent]

Fiber line to Iran cut [an accident of a different sort]

Welcome to the target list, Mr. Daqduq [Quds Force, IRGC, Hizballah] Site of the National Productivity Award [striving for efficiency in the economic jihad] Purveyor of Persian Physics Software

Global Jihad

Anti-Terrorism Designations – 1/5/2012 [AQI/ISI-Kurdistan]

Abu Taubah to plead/has pled guilty


“In the future, the wars we face will mostly be cyber and missile attacks”