Center for Strategic Communication

Apparently Anonymous has decided to take on the Ikhwan day after tomorrow.  I’m curious what if anything will come of this.  Probably nothing, but I’m prepared to be wrong.  (I sort of hope I’m wrong, actually, as I’m not an enormous fan of the the Muslim Brotherhood.)

One thing about this announcement of impending cyber hostilities got me thinking: the Anonymous complaint that the Brotherhood seeks “to destroy the sovereignty of the people of Egypt as well as other nations including the United States.”  I wasn’t previously aware that Anonymous cared much about sovereignty.  Whether or not my suspicions about the provenance of this video are correct, the strangeness of this target has me thinking about how easy it is to hijack a leaderless movement.  Since the concept of membership is effectively meaningless in a leaderless movement such as Anonymous purports to be, there is literally nothing to stop it from being turned by its enemies into self-destructive actions.  For instance, one could image turning Anonymous against OWS or just putting out a flood of Anonymous calls to action against an enormous variety of targets.  The “real” threats would be lost in the noise and thereby neutralized.