Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — November 18, 2007

Terrorists Adopt Narrowcasting Strategy. “Islamist militants are becoming more skilled at tailoring their message to specific audiences, including women and children, and Western societies are struggling to find a response.” (Reuters, 11/16)

CIST Demands Coordinated Policy & Actions. “The recent successes of General David Patraeus and his Iraqi allies have dramatically demonstrated to us the primacy of politics in CIST. Gen. Petraeus has taught us that we must coordinate our statements and our actions in an effort to influence an internal Iraqi debate about legitimate political authority in that country.” (Alphabet City, 11/16)

Diplomacy of Deeds, Islamist Style. “Bangladesh is the latest victim of a natural disaster in which Islamists, including groups designated by the U.S. as terrorists, already have a social assistance infrastructure.” (CT Blog, 11/18)

Boot Editorial Misunderstands DoS. “It’s crystal clear that Boot has zero knowledge of the working of Foggy Bottom. But that doesn’t stop him from writing about it. What’s most troubling, however, is The New York Times complicity in providing a mouthpiece for a small band of right-wing ideologues to the exclusion of people who really do know of what they write.” (Whirled View, 11/16)